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Robin Thicke

Paula's Softening On Reconciliation

3/10/2014 6:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Thicke has made significant headway in his campaign to win his wife back, because multiple sources directly connected to the couple tell TMZ ... Paula Patton is open to giving him another chance.

We're told Robin and Paula never stopped communicating.  They talk constantly, but she was very clear the day she dumped him ... she wanted a DIVORCE.

Our sources say the tone of the conversations has changed, and the 2 of them are now talking about what Robin needs to do to convince Paula that the marriage can work to her satisfaction.

She has not hired a divorce lawyer, we're told, and has no plans to do so.  We're told their phone conversations have been productive.  But here's what hasn't been productive ... she's not impressed with Robin's on-stage pronouncements of love.

She is impressed that Robin has been a good dad since the split, seeing their kid when he can and keeping in touch when he's on the road.

As for the tone of the conversations ... we're told "smooth and cordial."  We're not exactly sure what smooth means, but you know, they're both very ... smooth.



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Mr Barcliff    

If this is true, and Paula is softening its AWESOME!!! People we have to act human and realize these are HUMANS. We have to STOP seeing celebs as unhuman, its there LIVES were talking about. Many may not realize this but, fans and the media adds to stars issues and its unfair. Did Robin do wrong? Yes/No its really not our business but, marriage shouldnt be trashed so easily! I hope Robin/Paula make it work. Fame is a drug, strong drug and Robin just went to the next level and he's HUMAN and it effected him im sure but, at least he's seeing what the NEW LEVEL of fame has done to him. Before the fame, these issues didnt exist and maybe Paula sees that as well. What Robin and Paula need is balance and time together to get reintroduced to each other because her/him have risen fame wise and humans do human things. NONE OF US are flawed, i know little but, what I do know is true LOVE conquers ALL and its unconditional and forgiving! I been there, forgiveness is hard, and shows how caring one can be. I hope the best for Robin/Paula and there kid! LGNM

134 days ago


Poor Robin needs therapy:( He can't help himself. I think Paula has been an enabler for years. Allowing him to do whatever, as long as he doesn't leave her. It's obvious she really, really loves him. It's her life. If she rather be miserable with him than miserable w/o him. It's not for me to say. He really does need therapy for his sex addiction though. True love conquers all. Only time will tell. I hope they can work it out. You can change him Paula. Don't give up on your family/love. Anything worth while is a struggle to keep/maintain.

134 days ago

Mr Wood    

"Our Sources"......YEAH RIGHT!!!

134 days ago


Robin Thicke is so incredibly ugly and disgusting, he's a no-talent slimy creep.

134 days ago


Paula will end up divorcing the slimy Thicke . He really is a male slut!!

134 days ago


If Paula is serious, a few weeks of good behavior won't change her mind. Too little, too late. A lengthy separation will prove if he means it for the long-term.

134 days ago


If she had any sense she would get the divorce. hes a slut. And he loves the attention he gets from the women...

134 days ago


she is so damn fake...she doesnt have a career or anything , so she will milk this 4 all its worth. we all know she aint going nowhere

134 days ago


Robin wasn't trying to hide his indiscretions. Obviously he wasn't concerned about Paula finding out, he knew she didn't care. They have an "OPEN MARRIAGE"! Have from the beginning. Because of Robins new celebrity, it all became too public for her. So to save face, she had to react? Come-on! This too shall come to pass. They'll be together again.

134 days ago


No way is Robin Thicke UGLY! I hope he gets the help he needs/straightens out his life...but he sure the heck ain't ugly! IMO
To each his own!

134 days ago


Lol she is a fool. One minute I'm okay with our open relationship then second "omg he's cheating" make up your mind. At this point it's looking so staged they should try out for broadway.

134 days ago

Double Bubble    

Dont do it Paula..He's sucking the best years of your life outta you.. (like i really care )

134 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Does this affect me or mine?
Nope so...
Good luck you two.

134 days ago


Robin Thicke's gimmick for his career.

134 days ago


Robin Thicke's publicity gimmick, he's too old for the kind of music he's doing, nobody's buying his album.

134 days ago
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