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Ariel Winter

My Broken Family Can't Be Fixed

3/11/2014 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter says she will never have a relationship again with her mom and her older brother ... this according to one of her text messages.

The text -- obtained by TMZ -- was filed in Ariel's guardianship case.  She was texting her older brother Jimmy who has sided with their mother in the battle over Ariel.

Ariel, who is now under the guardianship of her sister, wrote, "How dare you say you miss me ... if you really wanted to see anyone and cared, you'd do a 180."

And then she goes in for the kill:  "I'm sorry, what we've been through can't be fixed."

Ariel's mom filed the document, trying to prove Ariel suffers from PAS -- Parental Alienation Syndrome -- and their family is being destroyed as a result of the guardianship.



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Jay W.     

Unfortunately, this type of situation is really not that uncommon.

226 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

The only thing that should be "fixed" in this situation are the genetically messed-up people involved in this family and this show. Stop reproducing!

226 days ago


Her mom is a fat money grubbing scuumbag, what a horrible woman

226 days ago


Of course it can't be fixed. No one would ever trust thieving mommy again

226 days ago


I may be in the minority, but I'm so sick of Ariel Workman dissing the woman who gave her life, literally, and helped her get her start in show business. All of the people around her are the ones who laugh and approve of her making derogatory comments of her mother and it only shows bad taste. No matter what is going on with her mother it should be private, period, not printed and posted to gossip columns over and over. Ariel comes across as a spoiled brat and unfortunately for her, she may never enjoy a relationship with her mother again which many of us who no longer have mothers regret, whether they were good or bad mothers, they were mothers who gave us life. I know this won't be a popular opinion but I'm saying it. Peace.

226 days ago


I don't get why half of you people are saying how bad the mother is at the end of the day thast HER MOTHER WHO SPENT TONS OF MONEY ON THIS SPOILED BRAT WHEN SHE WAS GROWING UP....Besides no one should have so much Money at that age

226 days ago

Mary P    

I still think something stinks with this sister.

This just makes it stink more. She doesn't want the relationship with her niece to change when she is trashing the girl's grandmother and father? Uh, no.

226 days ago


Sorry Mama, find another meal ticket. McDonalds is hiring ...

226 days ago


Mom just won't give up on her gravy train, eh?

226 days ago


Her mother shouldn't have taken here money, I don't care if It's her mother or not. Thievery is thievery! My parents would never do that, she didn't ask to be on this planet, that was not Ariel's choice. She owes her mother nothing unless it was explicitly stated that Yvette money that went into her career be payed back. You can't charge a kid for you taking care of your responsibility.

226 days ago


What ever is messing up Ariel and her moms mind should be dropped. Just get over themselves and fix their family. Willing to bet the rest of the family are sick of these two power struggle. The whole family would get alone if these two stop fighting. When this little girl grow up she will see things differently. A mom will alway love her daughter no matter what. If this mom is fighting over her money-then mom let the money go already and just love her any way.

226 days ago


It doesn't work that way. If you want nothing to do with you're brother for basically siding with your mom, say that your relationship can't be fixed and say that they can't be a family again, then what right does she have to interact with his family? If she wants nothing to do with him then neither she nor her sister have any right to interact with his daughter or his family.

226 days ago


This mom is a quack!!!!!

226 days ago


Sometimes sht can't be fixed but the love remains

226 days ago


At least she got away before it's too late like many other child stars. If she wasn't a star she would be in more danger .

226 days ago
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