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Umbrella Wielding Man vs. Taser


3/11/2014 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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A random guy wielding a giant deck umbrella ... in a standoff with 2 Santa Monica police officers ... armed with tasers -- who do you think comes out on top?

Yeah ... tasers are pretty much undefeated.

It appears the cops tried to talk it out with him, but when he kept swinging the umbrella like a weapon ... the taser came out and dude went down like a sack of wet cement.

Police say the man had just been kicked out of Starbucks for annoying customers -- and when they arrived he was making suicidal threats.

We're told the man was placed on a 5150 hold and taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Our newsroom's divided -- did the cops use excessive force ... or merely take him down safely?

So, we gotta ask ...  


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Wow ...    

Who in the world thinks this is excessive force? This seems to be the safest way to detain a man using a huge patio umbrella and pole, with a heavy base as a weapon. He remained uncooperative even after being tased. I understand it didn't feel good, nonetheless the cops did not know what to expect from this out of control man, whom was threatening both officers with physical harm and refused to follow their instructions. Team police on this.

191 days ago


why couldn't the cops that shot the homeless guy up in Michigan 47 times do this. 47 bullets for one homeless guy, or a single tazer shot (vote)

191 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

what they thought he was the penguin and had an umbrella gun??? ***** move to go for tazers when just grabing the umbrella would have been so much better.

191 days ago


I didnt see no negotiation. The umbrella was to big to be used as a weapon. They went to the taser to quickly and putting their knee on the guys head/neck was to much. They need to learn to try to defuse the situation like they used to now. Now they just go for the taser or gun.

191 days ago


Nope.. Have you been hit by one of those umbrellas when it's picked up by the wind? I've nearly been K'O'd by one. If you swing it to hit someone, you could brain them and at the least cause pretty good damage with the base of that. It's basically a mace.

191 days ago


Thankfully it wasn't a black guy, or the usual idiots would cry racism.

191 days ago


I'm stilll trying to figure out why tmz is covering this? Shouldn't they be covering stories like what Kim Kardashian had for lunch?

191 days ago


Good thing he wasn't in Arkansas.... Just a few days ago a 52 year old man got in to an argument on a transit bus. It pulled over and called the police... When they arrived they had him get off the bus.. The 52 year old man swung his CANE at the officers... This man is now dead!! He was shot and killed... I felt considering he had no "deadly" weapon that this was very extream. In fact i said they should had tased him as they did this guy.... Surprised this made it to TMZ instead of what happened here!!

191 days ago


Don't tase me bro!

191 days ago


Good thing he wasn't in Arkansas!! Just last week a 52 year old man got in to an argument on a transit bus.. The bus pulled over and called the police. The police arrive and have the man get off the bus. When he got off the bus he swung his CANE at the officers. This man is now dead!! They shot and killed him. I personally said myself I felt they should have tased him instead if they felt they were in danger... Considering he did not have a "deadly" weapon. Im sure a cane can become deadly, but im sure tasing him would have handled the situation as well... Also if you are going to shoot him, at least shoot him in the knee caps or something,, dont shoot to kill when its a 52 year old man with a cane!!

191 days ago

Bill Barilko    

Speaking because I am a police officer... the man was taken down without incident and without injury. Tackling, wrestling and fighting with him once on the ground would have caused injury, an inquest and finally the lawsuit!! Police have the "last resort" job and nobody else stepped up to disarm him?

191 days ago


Good thing he didn't do that in Scottsdale. Cops here would have shot him

191 days ago


That guy was no threat. And the fact that you think the cops are in their rights to taze this guy. Shows what a stupid society you've. Become

191 days ago


lol crazy ****er

191 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

These cops have the Steven Seagal mentality of just punch everybody.

191 days ago
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