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Judge Judy

You Have 'Stupid' On Your Forehead ... Stupid

3/12/2014 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Judge Judy
has filed her first lawsuit EVER -- seriously -- against a guy who is shamelessly using her image to chase personal injury clients.

The TV jurist is outraged John Haymond -- a P.I. lawyer in Hartford, CT. -- used clips from "Judge Judy" along with clips of him and his daughters to drum up business.

Judy is especially pissed because she says she's never endorsed a product or the services of anyone ... to maintain her independent reputation.

She says, "Without seeking my authorization or consent, Mr. Haymond has taken that choice away from me for his own personal gain.  I cannot tolerate that, and intend to hold Mr. Haymond financially responsible for his actions."

Judy scolds the barrister, saying, "Mr. Haymond is a lawyer and should know better."

We looked for the ads and, just like the litigants who appear on her show, it appears Judy scared the crap out of Haymond because they are nowhere to be found.

Herhonner is suing for more than $75K in damages ... or in Judy's world, lunch money.



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Natal Plum    

Judy is a TV bully. Plain and simple. I wish the network wouldn't edit out the shows where litigants hand her
her loud, obnoxious, pointed little head. However that is part of her contract - Judge Judy can never "lose". Can't lose an argument; can't lose face; can't be trumped by litigants smarter and quicker than her.

233 days ago


"Herhonner" WTF?? Is that a deliberate typo and I missed the point or does someone at TMZ really think that's how you spell Her Honor??

233 days ago


He probably made 75g + from the Afternoon TV watching crowd.

233 days ago


I love Judy....I watch her every day....I set my DVR to record so I can get my daily fix and relax after work...I don't get the people who get all huffy about how mean she is. Its her courtroom and she knows her law. I especially love it when she exposes peoples lies and the fact that they are moochers and cheats of the system....she HATES those types. One of my favorite episodes was this d-bag was suing his wives adorably gay cousin for taking a new born puppy from them that they were not taking care of...the cousin got it a good home away from the abusive guy who was demanding money for a dog he didn't want or care about in the first place...she ripped the guy and his stupid wife a new one and banished them from her presence and then turned to the defendant, smiled at him and sweetly said good bye....clearly the dog lover in her was annoyed with the plaintiffs in that one and she was very pleased with what the defendant had done.

233 days ago


Wow! Judges and doctors tolerates no one making money off of their image,doctor oz says the same thing about endorsements.He says he endorse's no one lol..

233 days ago


Unfortunately for her. Mr. Haymond is the only person in history. To p-e-e on Judge Judy's leg& tell her, that it is raining. Smirks! Shrugs!

233 days ago


ohhhh judy.

233 days ago

Fatboy Babushka    

"Oh, I hope that I don't get sued by Judge Judy for making a video of Sunny Papoochie playing her. We LOVE Judge Judy and watch her everyday.

233 days ago


You go, Judge Judy!

233 days ago


Judge Judy should double check the Philadelphia market where her show is being aired. During the commercials when her show airs it's nothing but ambulance chasers. This I know is not an endorsement, but it's questionable advertising, and her show is being funded by the same type of attorney she's suing.

233 days ago


i live in hartford ct and i can assure john haymond is a good man. 2 years ago i murdered five people and he helped me beat the charge!!

233 days ago


She's bossy.

233 days ago


It would take $75,000 to fill her big mouth

233 days ago



233 days ago


Go get 'em Judy!!

233 days ago
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