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Justin Bieber

Fans SUE

We Got Charged an Arm and a Leg!

3/19/2014 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

03-19-14-bieber-bon-jovi-tmzA New York woman claims there has been a dastardly plot to DENY her the right to see Justin Bieber and Bon Jovi at an affordable price ... and now she's suing the Goliath of concerts.

Jessica Pollard claims in a lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- she was forced to pay exorbitant prices for a Bon Jovi show in 2010 and a Bieber show in 2013.

Pollard is pointing the greedy finger at AEG, claiming it intentionally withheld more than 5% of tickets for Biebs and Bon Jovi ... selling them to brokers who would charge way more than retail.

Pollard claims AEG is flagrantly violating New Jersey's Consumer Fraud Act, which prohibits promoters from bogarting more than 5% of the tix.

She is suing on behalf of all the now cash-strapped Bieber fans -- and Bon Jovi too -- who now have to eat Top Ramen because they blew their budget on expensive concerts.

We reached to AEG for comment ... so far, no word back.


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You all can keep hating, but the one fact that cannot disputed is Justin makes money. He's self-made and he drives Lambos and Ferraris for a reason. I'm just keepin' it real. Gotta respect the guy if he's bringing home dough. I ain't gonna front.

186 days ago


Beaver tickets should be three for a buck....

186 days ago


That's what she gets for wanting to see Gayber

186 days ago


What person in their right mind that would be going to a Bon Jovi concert would ALSO be going to a Bieber concert.

186 days ago

əɔɐəd pɐəɹds☮    

🍃If people would have let Justin be from the beginning, he wouldn't be the person he is today confused and insecure. 🌏Society killed the teenager, Fame didn't change Justin. Anyone who gets bullied continuously for almost 6 years is not going to be mentally okay which explains Justin's break downs, popping Xanax constantly, drinking alcohol, along with mixing ****tails🍸 with codeine. His management team, Selena, and parents aren't truly helping him. The crew (his friends) are just taking advantage of him. 🌻It's sad to see such a beautiful talented person destroyed because of society being shallow and hypocritical. ☆Justin builds a school, donates $1 million to the cancer foundation, gave his Under The Mistletoe Album💽 profits to charity to help feed the homeless, gives a $1 from every ticket from his concerts and tours to p.o.p, bought toys for an entire school of children in poverty...yet society over looks every good deed he does and focuses on the negative🔥 You made Justin who he is today, deny it all you want whatever helps you sleep at night. If Justin is to get deported✈️ it needs to be do to his actions not because of a bunch of envious brain washed people who disliked/despised him from the start want him out. Justin Bieber is the most visible yet isolated celebrity.

186 days ago


She should thank AEG if they make it so she can't afford tickets to see The Bieb. All he does is show up two hours late and put on a crappy show. Why waste your money?

186 days ago


Uh, here's an idea....if you cannot afford the tickets, don't go to the concerts!!! Live within your means!! Geez!

186 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Bon Jovi is damn good good, but even his tickets are high in price, but as for Bieber, you should get half the money back for showing up. LOL

186 days ago


Enough with the bieber stories we get u don't like him

186 days ago


How about you guys find a better thing to do then see how Many things you can pull out of your ass about justin. You don't want the truth you want a story. You built him up to be the biggest thing. Just to tear him down in public. So congrats you've created a celebrity but you have wrecked the human being inside. You should be ashamed of yourselfs. Think of what is someone said some of the things you make up about justin? You would handle all of it, you could probably on be able to handle less the one percent of it. So news flash people there is more important things going on then for us to hear about a great person being treated like he is nothing by some un- educated losers. Leave him alone. You only want to make money off of him because that's the only money that will pay for your dinner. Thanks to all of you he has had to give up some of the most important things in life, privacy and freedom.

186 days ago


And there is a reason you are called ENTERTAINMENT news. So we can be entertained by how big of fools you make yourselves look like

186 days ago


What a dumb ass you are LOL. If you can't afford the tickets then don't go!!!

186 days ago

Just My Opinion    

That girl can't sue for that. No one force her to buy those concert tickets. It is as dumb as suing the lottery because you now have to pay $2.00 for a power ball ticket instead of $1.00, and you bought too many tickets that you can't pay your rent. Stay home and watch Bon Jovi on tv, if you can't afford the tickets. You can see them better. As for Bieber, I rather put that money into a year membership at a spa.

186 days ago

Richard W. Blosat    

It's not just these singers but all the others too. They give the good seats up front to brokers and they charge welll over $1000 and even over $2000 per ticket. Something needs to change. But if people would not go to the concerts then perhaps they would not charge so much.

186 days ago


Stupid woman she should stay at home and watch them on tv no one forced her to buy the tics anyways

186 days ago
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