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Floyd Mayweather

Hardcore Gym Training

... To Bieber Music

3/19/2014 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

When Floyd Mayweather hits the gym, it's important to listen to music that makes him wanna DESTROY people in the ring -- which could be why he likes to rock out to Justin Bieber

Bieber just posted footage of Floyd hard at work at his boxing gym, knocking out an ab routine to Justin's track "Right Here (featuring Drake)."  

Justin also posted a note with the clip saying, "The champ @floydmayweather training to my music . Atta boy."

Now who's ready to punch someone in the face!?

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Bieber's horrible music will make you wanna punch anyone in the face

181 days ago

Yu Lee    

Court papers show Justin had a hairline foot fracture and was not DUI in Miami Beach! I'd like to see any hater walk a straight line in a sobriety test with a fractured foot !!! But TMZ wont admit to their fabricated stories because Justin can't sue them for defamation! But I want the public to know that TMZ addicted to lies!

181 days ago


Hahha little bieber called Mayweather a boy....

181 days ago


poor kid,He wanna prove that my fans aren't just little girls....this is why he posts this,That was fanny.....loser

181 days ago


He's trying too hard with the online video & pic postings. It's almost as if he's trying to prove a point. Reminds me of the Movie "The Toy." where the kid starts his own Newspaper to spread news. He needs to chill with that cause it only brings forth ridicule.

181 days ago


Can't have it both ways. He wants the Paparazzi & Media to back off him cause they won't kiss his feet but then turns around & posts pics & Videos of his private life.

181 days ago


I feel bad for Lil Boozie. Here's a rapper who just got out of prison, said he would collaborate with ANYONE to make songs & who was the first person to say "ME ME"!!!! You guessed it.

181 days ago


The thing is, if you want to become a bad boy rapper, do it on your own. Don't try to do it with other established rappers cause you sully their reputation with your auto tuning & girly sounding vocals.

181 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    

Gayweather's Douche factor just went up X 100.

181 days ago


tres gay

181 days ago

bonanno family    

That's the appropriate music for him after he lied to the fans about him fighting the fighter we voted for him to fight. A wannabe gangster.

180 days ago

WhenTheBeatDrops εїз     

Deny it all you want, whatever helps you sleep at night. But you all made Justin the person he is today insecure and confused. Society killed the teenager. It's sad to see such a beautiful talented human being destroyed for shallow hypocritical reasons. Society ridiculed him from the start of his career back in '09 and just continued on with it. If any of you thought he'd be okay after 6 years of ridiculing then smh. Justin's not the problem the close minded ignoramuses are they're the ones destroying society. If Justin is to get deported it needs to be do to his actions not because a bunch of envious brain washed people who disliked/despised him from the start want him out. Everyone makes mistakes remember that. Hate solves absolutely nothing it just creates more drama. If society left Justin alone he wouldn't be the person he is today, he could actually be the guy he wants to be...who he was before he became desperate to be accepted. His personal life issues, relationships that is none of anyone's busy unless he decided to share it. Celebrities deserve privacy to. One of the big things wrong with society is judging others without knowing their story/the truth. The phrase jealously is a bitch explains why over half his haters are guys, take notice how they attack his appearance every chance they get.

177 days ago

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