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Lil Scrappy

'Racist' Salon Owners

Ruined My Kid's B-Day

3/30/2014 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330-lil-scrappy-tmz-01"Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Lil Scrappy says his daughter was left in tears Sunday afternoon ... after a salon owner refused to serve his family because they're black.

Scrappy tells TMZ ... he put a down payment on a little girls salon outside Atlanta for his daughter's birthday party -- but when he and baby mama Erica Dixon arrived 20 minutes late to their 2 1/2 hour appointment, the place wouldn't let them in.

When Scrappy complained, citing the down payment they already paid ... he says the people running the place -- who are white -- allegedly told him they didn't want to serve "you people."

Cops were called -- because Scrappy didn't want to leave without a refund on his down payment -- but officers got him half the money ... and the salon agreed to mail the rest, so he left.

Calls to the salon went unanswered.


No Avatar

Eye roll     

Race card. Please. Show up on time and this wouldn't have happened. You people was I'm sure in ref to the couple probably got loud and obnoxious

143 days ago


Good news is once the public hears the salons name.. They'll be blackballed no pun intended. A deposit for 2 1/2hrs still means they were paying for that time..hence a deposit. Also it is a little girls bday that was cold and bold.

143 days ago

Big Gay Al    

Should of had one of those parties where everyone paints cat whiskers on their faces.

143 days ago


When they said "you people" I'm sure they meant wanna- be celebrity reality TV jerks

143 days ago


I'm white, and I have hair that not every hair dresser can cut, it's super curly, and if you don't know what you are doing you ruin it!

143 days ago


Show up on time if it's that important! Sorry, your wife blew it, it's her fault not the business. Stop this racist stuff, it's really old.

143 days ago

Jackie Fromm    

Well I am sure the deposit covered the 20 minutes late. If any of this is true and my daughter's party was ruined I would make sure everyone knew the name of the place to boycott it and we would be in court for discrimination if it can be proven. They would not have heard the last of me. Judge Judy here we come. Lets not forget it was a kids birthday.

143 days ago


So this is your kid's birthday party thing and you're in Hotlanta and what - just stuck your finger in the phone book and selected some random salon to take your daughter to? Someplace you, or nobody else you know, had ever been to? I know it shouldn't matter and it shouldn't have gone down the way it did, but it sounds like Lil' Scrappy could've planned better for his daughter's birthday. But what do I know?

143 days ago


Soooo they didn't serve them because THEY were late. Get the **** outta here with the racist bull****. I'm so sick of it. He should get his money back and that's it. They took the money so obviously they were going to. But being "famous" They figure they can waste someone else's time by being late.

143 days ago


Are people really that stupid yo say they were late to something that was booked for 2 1/2 hours? Plus he had a deposit. If they said "the 20 mins goes against the 2+ hours", and he complained, you'd be right. I love the keyboard racist that let the hate come from their fingers and anonymous accounts.

143 days ago


Nah, not buying it. Now, they are going to try and sue. You think when you put down the deposit, they might have figured out you are black so that excuse you are trying to use now won't fly. And, that picture you set up with the kid won't fly either.

143 days ago



143 days ago


Atlanta is the blackest city in the south. I don't give a ssh what anybody says being successful and black in Atlanta isn't against the odds by any means. Whatever the issue is wasn't racism but I'm sure the owner told them to take their attitude and walk. Good.

143 days ago


PLEASE you kown there was probably alot more to this than TMZ or Lil Scrapy is telling us.

143 days ago


So tired of the race card ..if will never end if we keep pullin it these people are ignorant and I'm sure the shoo will loose a lot of business

143 days ago
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