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Lil Scrappy

'Racist' Salon Owners

Ruined My Kid's B-Day

3/30/2014 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330-lil-scrappy-tmz-01"Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Lil Scrappy says his daughter was left in tears Sunday afternoon ... after a salon owner refused to serve his family because they're black.

Scrappy tells TMZ ... he put a down payment on a little girls salon outside Atlanta for his daughter's birthday party -- but when he and baby mama Erica Dixon arrived 20 minutes late to their 2 1/2 hour appointment, the place wouldn't let them in.

When Scrappy complained, citing the down payment they already paid ... he says the people running the place -- who are white -- allegedly told him they didn't want to serve "you people."

Cops were called -- because Scrappy didn't want to leave without a refund on his down payment -- but officers got him half the money ... and the salon agreed to mail the rest, so he left.

Calls to the salon went unanswered.


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Doesn't matter rather they showed up on time or not....they paid for 2 1/2 hours so they are still owed the remainder time. Obviously they don't know how to handle business and when referring to "you people" is for the most part is usually racist no one's tryna play the racist card. Point.blank.period the business was wrong and I hope they do post the business so "you people"want make a mistake in reserving any services there.

204 days ago


Next time be on time

204 days ago


20 minutes... I am certain it was longer than that... and for him to make a spectacle in front of his daughter is a shame. Everybody time's is important... the salon's and his daughter's. Too bad he didn't think of that first before blowing off his time reserved and then throwing the black card

204 days ago


So sick of the race card. Don't even care when it's true. The boy who cried wolf. Very relevant, stop pulling the card. If they were turned around disrespectfully then that does suck, but us non racists just don't give a shot anymore

204 days ago


Who had time to service a customer that's 20 minutes late for a 2 1/2 hour slot??? TIME IS MONEY & Celebtity status is the last thing on their mind ... COME CORRECT LIL SCRAPPY

204 days ago


That's what y'all get for giving ur $ to the KKK

204 days ago


A down payment at a hair salon?....Something's BS here. I suspect, because they were so late, they said something like "didn't want to serve y'all" - standard Southern to everyone...But of course the claim of racism has to be made to redirect everyone from the fact they were so late.

204 days ago


After 37 yrs in the business....I am guessing they were later than 20 mins......most white hairdressers don't do black hair well or at all. Why he would even book at a white salon surprises me. PLUS, time is money in our business....if you're late and someone walks in for a service....we have no clue if you are going to show at all. what, we should just sit and not get paid???? WRONG!!!!

204 days ago


"you people" doesn't mean "black people" it means disrespectful people by showing up late.. every time you ignorantly play the race card instead of taking responsibility for your own actions, you make people less likely to be sympathetic when an actual race issue arises.. grow up

204 days ago

Jo Seney    

You could have accommodated the little girl! IF you took a deposit, I am sure you had a phone number! Give a call, why are you late? are you coming? IT IS CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE 101

204 days ago


No way.. Poor babe

204 days ago


A constant theme I've seen in white Americans; they hear and see what they want to hear and see. The operative word was that he alleged that the outfit said we don't want to serve "you people". Not they were late.
I realize that whites who would frequent TMZ aren't the most educated--but at least make sense.
Personally, I'd sue their ass until it bled
The United States is an enigma, the so-called Bible Belt is the most racist region--confuses me as to how Christianity works.

204 days ago

kitten roulaine    

Ok, I'm going to play devil's advocate, ( however it appear's to be an act of racism ) but perhap's once they arrived, someone was familiar with he and Erica's presence on Love and Hip Hop, knew about all the maylay that could follow and said oooh, no, no, no. Now, having said that, it shouldn't matter what race you are, no commotion allowed in my place of business period, and return ALL of his money on the spot.

204 days ago


blacks always pull the race card. maybe it was because you showed up 20 mins late to your appointment.

204 days ago


Their own fault. They're turning the whole thing into a race issue that's not there.
I'm sorry about this happening on the kid's birthday, but whoever caused the delay is to blame, not the salon, though, imo.

Oooo, and on what I see as being "You People" in this case: The ones (there's so numerous people in that group, ick!) who think that the only appointment in the booking calendar for the day is THEIRS, and everything in the world revolves around them... but time if money for other people, too, get it..?
Nah, of course you kind of don't, because even if you did, you don't care. :D
You should, though, since that means it is you people youselves, who cause their troubles. Like in this case.

Then finally... when You People finally arrive late, there most likely is another appointment in progress... so do you people think all is to be put on hold until YOU PEOPLE are happy? :)
Tough sh*t, Lil Scrappy.

204 days ago
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