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Paula Deen Restaurant

Sorry We Screwed You Over ...

But Here's Our Card!

4/4/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The employees at Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House weren't sent packing empty-handed ... TMZ has learned they were given a business card and a list of restaurants in the area that are hiring. Better than nothing, right?

As TMZ previously reported, Bubba's -- the restaurant at the center of the Paula Deen racist controversy -- closed down Thursday morning out of the blue ... with some employees finding out on Facebook and others hearing the news from the restaurant once they arrived at work.

One employee told us they were paid through Wednesday and got vacation pay along with  two weeks severance.

The employee said the whole ordeal was particularly hurtful, since so many staffers stuck up for the Deen family during the controversy -- some patrons threw food at them and they still defended Paula.

Oysters and employees -- they all get shucked.


No Avatar


Thats what they get for backing her. They got theirs.

165 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

If the restaurant was going belly up maybe they kept going until they could no longer meet payroll. It's not like this is the first time an employer called the staff in and told them it was over.

165 days ago


Just business - unfortunate and handled poorly, but just business. The real crime here has always been Paula Deen's food - your ticket to riding a Little Rascal at some Home for the rest of your 400 pound days.

165 days ago


Give me a no one else has ever let something stupid come out of their mouths. What evidence of racismis there besides what she said. And the resturant..there and lots of places that have done the same thing. I have a friend who was the manager of a photo studio in sears...not owned by sears...but she showed up at work and the studii was closed up amd there were no company reps there to say anything. They were just locked out and her store was not the only location...i didnt see that on tmz or any other show but i guess there was no personality involved. One more thing...WHAT!?!?..Paula Deen absolutely knows what it is like to not have any money. Look it up she got famous beacause she didnt whine about but got up and made something of herself... she may not be pefect but she and all attached do not deserve to have everything destryed because of it! That what comes out of your mouth.. it may hurt someone else unintentionally

165 days ago


let's see how Harvey continues to defend this racist!

165 days ago


I never heard of waitresses and cooks being given sevrance pay. Very generous considering it was going out of business

165 days ago

Champagne Jayne    

No wonder Paula's face looks like rotten crab.

165 days ago


Tim Love did the same thing in Denton. Employees had no notice when he closed his Love Shack. I doubt they received any severance pay.

165 days ago


This is pretty standard protocol for a restaurant closure. I worked for a very famous seafood chain and they did the same thing. They told us they did not give anyone a heads up on the closure due to the fact that many employees would be upset and theft of the store would happen.

165 days ago


Typical overplaying your hand to destroy her. She'll sell that BEACH FRONT property for $$$$$$. Staff will lose their jobs. Paula will open her new place and enjoy her golden years. Pass it on to the boys!

165 days ago

terry j vey    

Business close all the time! yes it sucks for the people involved!Many do not get the pay comeing to them without going to court.Much less 2 extra weeks pay.Life goes on

165 days ago


There are are so many fools on here talking out their you know what because they don't have an education or much of a brain to use it with. It is sad to see another business go out any where in this country. We are losing jobs everywhere and you fools sit back and think it's funny that more people will have to try for months to find work if they do. More kids wondering if their Moms will be able to put food on the table. But to you fools it's funny.. HA HA GO Fine your self a job, Because I'll bet the ones that think it's so funny are living off the Gov. or should I say everybody else that does work for a living.

165 days ago


It probably won't be long until some of the Employees that she left hanging will be coming out and Back stabbing her....

165 days ago


"We are beginning to think this Paula Deen is not an especially nice lady." :

164 days ago


This is common practice for restaurants when they close. I have known many people who went to work only to find locks changed. And or a note in the window stating they no longer had a job.

164 days ago
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