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Bill Maher

Don't Cross the 'Gay Mafia'

... Or You'll Get Whacked

4/5/2014 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Maher believes there's a secret gay mafia ... and the "Real Time" host says the group will take out anybody who stands in its way.

Maher's show panel Friday night was discussing the recent drama surrounding Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich stepping down from the company -- after he faced criticism for donating money in '08 to support a ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage.

Watch the video ... Maher seems to think a big group of powerful gay men seek revenge against anyone who doesn't believe in their political views -- and that's why Eich was ousted.

Apparently only gay people are allowed to care about marriage equality?

Fabulous point, Bill.


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A political humorist said something ridiculous?
How the **** is that news?

140 days ago


Pretty much. For a group that preaches tolerance they have none for anyone who doesn't go along with whatever they want or think.. Which is so little to do with gay rights and acceptance these days, sadly.

140 days ago


what brand chewing tobacco u think Vladimir Puttin likes best.. .id say he's a Copenhagen man

140 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

s-l-o-w news day.

140 days ago


Of course the Gay Mafia is real. Their leader is Big Gay Al. Be afraid. Be very afraid. lol

140 days ago


i used to support gays now i think they are big bullies

140 days ago

Patch Eye Punk    

Whacked off that is.

140 days ago


It may be a gay mafia, but the godfather is straight lol

140 days ago

Edddie Nash    

This is not anything new. Its well known that the gay Lavender Hill Mob controls drugs and money. John C Holmes first told us in 1982.

140 days ago

Teresa andrews    

Everybody has the right to express an opinion. And other people have a right to have opinions about that opinion. Companies have the right to base business decisions on public opinion, such as when A&E reinstated the Duck Dynasty guy due to public uproar. Unless the government punishes you for your opinions, your 1st amendment rights haven't been violated. The constitution doesn't say you'll never suffer social repercussions from expressing your opinions.

140 days ago


Well, in the gay mafia...I guess nobody is nicknamed Big or Little P***Y.

140 days ago


of course there is a gay mafia! Harvey hopes to be a made man very soon!!

140 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Slow gossip day here at TMZ. First the chuoacabra, now this.

140 days ago

Edddie Nash    

The late porn star John C Holmes in playboy in 1983: Holmes: My cocaine supplier was a member of the Lavender Hill Mob – the Gay Mafia in Los Angeles. One night he ran out of cocaine. That was the night I met Eddie Nash. He was a skinny Arab who sat on a sofa wearing only a pair of bikini briefs and smoking free-base cocaine from a water pipe. There were four or five nude teenyboppers running around, along with a 300-pound black monster named Gregory Diles, who was Nash’s bodyguard.

140 days ago


Wait isn't he the guy who said kids with special needs and adults aren't real people? Don't promot this as$hole.. He's garbage

140 days ago
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