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Jennie Garth Photog

She Played 'Do You Know Who I Am' Card

4/8/2014 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennie Garth
was DENIED at a hot Hollywood club because she was asked to stand with the common folk, and not because her friends were turned away ... so claims the photog who took the pic.

The photog tells TMZ ... Jennie skipped the line and walked up to the security team at the front door.  He says they told her they had no power to make exceptions -- everyone needed to stand in line.  The photog says that's when Jennie dropped the card, saying, "I'm 40 years old, I have 3 kids, I've been in the business for years."

FYI -- she's 42.

The photog says the "90210" star did not stand in line, began crying and one of the men she was with tried shielding her from the cameras.  She never stood in line ... she just left.

Jennie's people told TMZ ... she was accompanied by 3 women and 3 African American men.  Jennie claims security was fine with the women coming in but balked at the 3 guys, and she felt it was wrong.


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I loved you Jenny but there's no club that is worth your self esteem.

176 days ago


The door men had all the power to deny entrance to anybody they want to. Their told only once how to run the place and they stick to it! Bring class and money and keep the riff raff out. 42 hu? I know some great plastic surgeons in Bev Hill's that will make you age alot slower.

176 days ago


What a dumb race-baiting bitch. You haven't been hot since the early 90's hoe, now go give Aladdin his pants back.

176 days ago

Miss k    

Who's is she ?

176 days ago

Common Sense    

Awe, Sorry Jennie. If it is any condolence, the bouncers will be has been's when they are 30

176 days ago


I wouldn't let her in if she was wearing that either.

176 days ago


This is not a woman that anyone with taste would want to be associated with. Also he is a has been that no one remembers. At 42 and ugly you cannot get roles in movies unless you want to project as a grandmother. But she's grandmother age but not grandmother material, if you know what I mean. Giving the photographer the finger shows her lack of class.

176 days ago


Jeeeeez, what nerve.

176 days ago

Lucky Lucy    

42 years old and still clubbing??? Grandma Garth and her entourage should have headed over to The Peach Pit After Dark. They would have known what a big deal she was and put her in the VIP section with bottle service. LOL

176 days ago


I don't care for her, at all. And those clothes!

176 days ago

Abby S    

Let's see pictures of her black boyfriends!!

176 days ago


She should have played the Lindsay Lohan Card instead, eh? Made an O with her lips and spread her legs...

Bingo! In you go!

(Photo by 77SunsetStrip)

176 days ago


Hey Jenn try maybe a wrecking ball video or hang out with the karslutiens otherwise you have no more pull sweety.

176 days ago


This is ridiculous. She is a major TV star, 90210 not her only work also did another show as star and many movies...... and she is working even NOW. This is not 'gentlemen wait'. This was racism pure and simple. NO WAY she should not get in with her ENTIRE party.

176 days ago


Jenny, you're not 22 anymore. Skip the clubs and act your age.

176 days ago
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