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Warrior's Death Is NOT Shocking

Wrestlers 'Roll the Dice With Their Lives'

4/9/2014 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Colin Cowherd Ultimate Warrior Death
The death of the Ultimate Warrior wasn't shocking or unexpected ... it's par for the course with wrestler who abuse their bodies ... so says ESPN host Colin Cowherd

Cowherd went on his radio show this morning and said pro wrestlers are dying at an alarming rate -- and at a very young age ... and blames it on a culture of drugs and painkillers. 

"The story behind the story is ... drugs, painkiller, HGH ... it's the roll of the dice that pro wrestling dudes with limited options not good enough to play pro sports [take]."

Cowherd didn't specifically accuse Warrior of drug abuse -- but said it's something that nearly all wrestlers acknowledge. 

Colin went on to compare wrestling to pro baseball -- saying, "You think baseball season is long? There's is double and they don't get 4 at-bats. They're getting batted on all night."

Cowherd's point -- he wants people to stop pretending to be shocked when wrestlers like Warrior, Mr. Perfect, Doink the Clown die way before their  time.

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Might be the first time I ever agree with Cowherd. Although Warrior had admitted to roid use throughout his career and that most wrestlers at that time did as well. It's not the least bit shocking that they are dying younger and younger. This one however, based solely on the timing, was somewhat shocking.

205 days ago


He wasn't a real athlete

205 days ago


Did the WWE used to have a huge problem with drugs and steroids and HGH? Yes. But they've done a terrific job of fixing that crap in recent years.

The biggest problem that the WWE had was allowing matches like the Mankind-Taker Hell In A Cell match continue despite Mankind being knocked unconscious. These days, the match would have been stopped the moment Mankind was unconscious.

In short, shut up Cowherd.

205 days ago


Cowherd consistently takes the most shocking angle or take on a sports story, simply to stir up controversy and conversation. I don't think anyone was shocked by how he died, but when he died.

His comment suggesting pro wrestlers only go into wrestling because they can't play other sports is insane. Almost all of them do it because they love it. And truthfully, most "real sport" athletes that try to get in the ring and do what they do, look foolish (i.e. Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman, Steve McMichael....).

205 days ago

K South West    

Finally a real news story TMZ... a report from a reporter

205 days ago


What list is this guy using from claiming guys die in their 20 and 30's. He is a joke. Most of the talent doesn't work 300 days a year anymore due to all the guys that came before. There isn't the rampant drugs that ran with guys in the 80's and 90's things are not as ancient as he claims . I can guarantee his list has people from at the minimum of 10 years. This is just a scuzzy dj using a tragedy to his own best interest which is ratings.

205 days ago


These claims are ridiculous, he's jumping on an outdated bandwagon.

Nobody denies that a lot of wrestlers died prematurely from similar conditions, but pretty much all of those that died were the stars from the 80s and 90s who were part of the drug culture of the time.

The rate of wrestler deaths has slowed tremendously compared to say 2006/2007 when it was getting the most attention.

205 days ago


This guy is an idiot. Contact me tmz if you want well written articles that make sense. This guy is a joke, I stopped reading half way thru

205 days ago


lisarfields2014@gmail.com I think y'all are verry disrespectful for one, and for two you have no respect for his grieving family and his fans! I'm a huge fan of the ultimate warrior. It doesn't matter if he did drugs or not, its none of noones bussniess. Only his family has a right to know and if they want y'all to know, they will tell you! I don't know him personally but he's a nice guy and doesn't seem to be the type of person to do that. You all should be ashamed of yourselfs!

205 days ago


Colin Coward wasn't good enough to do anything, so he became a critic.

205 days ago


I wondered who would be the first "journalist" to jump on the dead wrestler bandwagon. I especially don't like the comment "dudes with limited options not good enough to play pro sports". For starters, why do you assume everyone wants to play pro sports? I know guys in the wrestler biz who have been fans practically since birth and all they ever wanted to do was wrestle. They never wanted to play pro ball of any kind. So, you're an idiot for saying that. That said, there are several, and I mean SEVERAL, pro wrestlers with a pro ball background, including perhaps the most popular wrestler (now actor) in the world, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who is massively muscular man in his own right - at times larger than Warrior ever was. But I guess he's also just a pro ball, steroid abusing, wannabe, too. Right? Cowherd, learn a little something called RESEARCH. ESPN might have thought you were a smart enough person to give a column to, but it's not difficult just how much of a dumbass a "smart guy" can be.

And yes, considering Warrior having been away from the biz for so many years, and just receiving the biz' top honors at the biggest event of the year, and being able to embrace his MILLIONS of fans one last time (how many fans do you have, by the way?)... I do consider his death 24 hours to be shocking. It doesn't matter if steroid abuse contributed to it. It's still shocking, idiot.

205 days ago


Yesterday was a sad day for all WWE fans. The best tribute to him from my side: watching Ultimate Warrior’s best matches on WWE Network’s vintage collection. Let's watch Top 5 Ultimate Warrior Matches of All Time here http://www.vpnranks.com/top-5-ultimate-warrior-matches-of-all-time-r-i-p-legend/

205 days ago


Not good enough to be pro athletes? The wealth of successful collegiate wrestler in WWE in abundant. Former NFL and college football always come in and never last. There are a a lot of guys who have black belts or even 2nd dans in martial arts like Judo and Jiu Jitsu. Hell, Kurt Angle was an olympic Gold Medalist and Brock was a UFC champion. Even if you ignore all of that, wrestlers have to be incredibly gifted athletes and to perform at the highest level is incredibly difficult in it's own right.

203 days ago

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