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Colin Kaepernick Investigation


4/11/2014 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0411-colin-k-badge-getty-02A rape kit was administered on the woman at the heart of the Colin Kaepernick investigation ... a Miami Police Dept. official tells TMZ.

We're told ... cops were summoned to the hospital where the woman wound up after allegedly hanging out with Colin and two other NFL players at an apartment at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami on April 1.

The woman told police she smoked pot at the apartment ... then started to hook up with Colin and even got undressed -- then blacked out and woke up in a hospital bed.

We're told cops spoke with the woman at the hospital and a rape kit was administered.  We were not told the rape kit results.

As we previously reported ... a well-placed Miami PD official told TMZ Friday the investigation is "sexual in nature."

Although Colin is listed as a suspect ... police have not concluded he committed any crime.  The investigation is ongoing.

We put a call in to Colin's people.  So far no word back.

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Unbroken Chain    

You don't have to try to save yourselves here TMZ. Save it for the courts when you defend the libel suit. You're sure trying hard though. What's that, 4 stories today. Sorry, damage was done with your first story. His lawyers will not let you take it back. Keep trying though. I guess Harvey doesn't know anything about the law. I hope Volin puts you into bankruptcy

194 days ago


Can't trust just any hoe on da down low. Call me.

194 days ago


NO, you previously reported that the Miami PD rep told you it was a sexual assault case, not an investigation 'of a sexual nature.' NICE try with the damage control of TMZ, though.

I hope your ass gets sued on this one.

194 days ago


TMZ be very scared. Kap going to sue you guys for millions!

194 days ago


Definitely agree that TMZ is trying to do damage control. Stop reporting on the story and admit that maybe you jumped the gun in this story. The truth will reveal itself in time but you definitely presumed way too quickly.

194 days ago

Aaron Levin     

You guys are shameless, just because Colin went on the "attack" against you, you choose to riddle your "front page" with stories that are tantamount to hearsay and not even substantiated. Shameless ****ing journalism, no doubt a reflection of the ****ing goons you have working, no doubt community college graduates. ****ing shameless.

194 days ago


This woman's story is such BS. She even got undressed. For what? Looking for a payday and 15 minutes.

194 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Sounds like a scam to me. These ATHLETES better WAKEUP(Dap voice in "School Daze" spike lee classic movie) because these woman that follow them arent up to any good. They better start finding woman who dont know who they are with careers and lives of there own. She said, not me, she said according to police, she undressed and then blacked out!!!!! Either she has a man/husband/boyfriend and shes covering up something or, shes regreting what she did realizing she was just a jump off. I LOVE WOMAN, 1st and foremost but, i question any woman who does this. WHY? Ive asked woman why did you sleep with that guy you hardly knew or why get drunk and carry on like that, do you know thats whore activity!!! They all get offended or say,"I was young or dumb then" and yet, they still act the same way. My point is, woman have to do better, why is she in a htoel room with more than 1 guy, PERIOD!!!!!! Forget having sex, why is she there when there is ALWAYS a possibility of rape (even though i dont think she was) and of course if she knew all the guys were going to run a train on her she can say,"I didnt want to have sex with them all" and woman have to start holding one another accountable(good woman that is) woman like this one makes it hard for you good ones. What woman with respect for herself goes into a hotel room, smokes weed and drinks and takes her clothes off, PERIOD? WHY DO THAT? Maybe its just me but, NO WOMAN ASK TO BE RAPED PERIOD but, dont put yourself in a place were it "COULD HAPPEN EITHER"!!! Let me see, 3 men or 2 men i dont KNOW WELL and 1 woman? Is this WISE. I would tell my child NEVER go were its just you and more than one man alone you just met or even 1. NEVER put yourself in a position were if danger comes, your alone. In closing, i hope she wasnt rapped, i truly do cause im raising a girl myself(with common sense) so if she told me she was rapped, id believe her regardless!!! That said, woman, stop behaving like this. If you just want to have fun, dont be mad if men dont see you as marrying material. You cant act ike a whore and expect to be treated like the Queen you desire to be. Its not i'll just have fun now and forget I was a whore because we tend to be who we are and if we dont change, we end up smoking and getting so drunk we pass out and dont recall what we said or did and then cry rape. Heres a thought, say no to hitting the weed and drinking, get to know men before you undress!!!! Stop behaving like groupies, we as men respect that and thats who we marry, the woman who tell us no, make us wait and any man not willing to wait, isnt worth you time. If you sleep around, your a whore to 1000% of men, bottom line!!!! LGNM

194 days ago


I see this may not turn out well for MR kaepernick,and tongues are yapping about this chick being someone famous,although it's obvious that her identity will probably remain a mystery for a while.

194 days ago


Rape? I think not. Ladies, if you go to a man's place, get fkd up, get undressed, don't go and play stupid you did not understand sex was next on the agenda. And if you drink or drug til you pass out, then your azz has a whole new set of problems anyway.

194 days ago


Miami PD will have to investigate this all the way through. No jock sniffing and excuses. What happened to her from bedroom with Colin to her waking up in the hospital.

Did something happened and they freaked. She mixed the drinks but got sick later. And when Colin left, did the other two come in and had their way with an unconscious woman. She then wakes up in the hospital in pain. So yes, he has issues.

Right now the questions need to be asked. She is the one who filed the police report. No one is hating on Colin.

194 days ago


Hits from the bong
Only date ladies
Do hits from the bong!!!
Dabs `` ARE good too!! :)

194 days ago


lol. TMZ trying hard to save face. Kaep should sue them

194 days ago


If she wasn't awake for it then it's RAPE nobody can argue with that.

194 days ago


"There's no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault," Miami Police spokesman Rene Pimental told the Bay Area News Group. "This report is simply an incident report taken at the woman's request"

194 days ago
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