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Alleged Bryan Singer Victim

Lawyer Says This is What My Client Looked Like

4/17/2014 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the man who is suing "X-Men" director Bryan Singer has given us this picture of his client -- taken around the time Singer allegedly drugged and sexually abused the then 17-year-old.

Attorney Jeff Herman gave TMZ this photo of his client, Mike Egan ... a photo taken when Egan was 17.  Herman wanted to make the point ... Egan looked underage when he went to Hawaii with Singer on a trip in which the director allegedly anally raped Egan multiple times ... so he claims in the lawsuit.

Herman tells TMZ ... Egan will be present at a news conference today at 2 PM PDT where he will discuss his allegations.

As we previously reported ... Egan claims he encountered Singer numerous times ... the first of which was at a gay party in Encino, CA where Singer allegedly forced Egan -- who was 14 or 15 at the time -- to perform oral sex on him underwater in a pool.

Egan says in the lawsuit he is heterosexual.

Singer's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ the allegations are utterly false and publicity driven.

Check out Egan and his lawyer below ... Egan says everyone turned a deaf ear to him when it allegedly happened.


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This is no secret in Hollywood. Bryan Singer has been raping children for years yet this town protects him and others like him.

134 days ago


A Deception Expert would say the guy's lying.

Based on where his eyes go, etc., other tell-tale signs of deception.

But it's funny listening to him make it up as he goes along.

And the lawyer's "investigator's" and the "investigating team" and "investigator's investigator's" and the investigation of the previous investigation.

Like he's all over this.

Do***ent all the investigators.

Make at least 1 percent of this SPECIFIC.

Too much rambling.

I've had more luck listening to Slip Mahoney.

134 days ago

The Insider    

Every Hollywood Insider knows Bryan Singer is a big, nellie bottom. I don't think anyone is surprised Bryan had sex with this guy - but forcible sodomy, not a chance.

This loser and his s***bag lawyer are just looking for a quick pay day.

134 days ago


This guy is obviously an opportunist and "sociopath". He says he is "heterosexual"??? Yeah right. He was a gold digger who kept going back for more. If it was so horrendous he would never have gone back to the house repeated times. He has done this to others in the past...and will do it over and over.....I feel bad for Mr. Singer and others who fall prey to this kind of user.

134 days ago


This guy is an opportunist and "sociopath". He has filed civil suits like this in the past, and is a real gold digger. IF indeed he was being raped..why did he repeatedly go back to that house over and over and over? He wanted money and was out for himself. Why wait 15 years to file the suit? I can't stand looking at him. I feel sorry for victims like Mr. Singer who are at the whim of these kind of money grubbing people...

134 days ago

William Foresman    


134 days ago


Its hard not to laugh ..

133 days ago


To all those who don't seem to know about childhood sexual abuse, the fault is a-l-w-a-y-s the adults involved! The alcohol they plied him with was to make him unable to think clearly as well. As Dr. Drew says, "Big people take care of little people."

Brains of teens are not even formed yet. And how do you know that the victim even understood it as abuse until many years later - people hear the case of someone else and say, "that happened to me at that age" but they are feeling guilty (not rightfully) and deny the abuse until they can deal with it.

Plus, what is LAPD doing when a parent goes to them for help? That's actionable not to follow up the statutory rape charges, contributing to the delinquency of a minor for the booze.

133 days ago

Danny Dingle    

So 17 years old means you are brain dead? "That was terrible! I should probably keep going back for more." If this story is true...toss them all in jail for being too dumb to function as human beings.

133 days ago


Lawyers that aren't just looking for money don't call press conferences and trot their client around on national media. This is a money grab. How handy that Bryan Singer just happens to have a huge movie about to be released.

133 days ago


I created this acct to warn people this story is true.a close friend confessed the same story . he was promised a movie roll. Flown to another country. The same director told him he had to give oral....ill stop my cautionary story there....

133 days ago

Double Down    

I have not sympathy for those who sick poles to get roles.... Poles for Roles ?? Sick

133 days ago


Seems like they were in a relationship for about 3 yrs. It started at the orgy parties abd continued years later in Hawaii .. hes gay and he enjoyed it

133 days ago


Ok. First of all, where were his parents when he was 14 or 15 going to GAY parties in Encino? Secondly, why was he at GAY parties with ADULTS at 14 or 15? This story is full of holes (no pun intended). And how do you MAKE someone perform oral sex on you UNDERWATER at a party full of people? None of this makes sense...

133 days ago

J. Fred Muggs    

Dressed as he was in that picture , he was just asking for it.

133 days ago
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