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Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper

Rapper Friend Defends Him ... No Drug Use, Signs of Mental Illness

4/18/2014 9:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041814_supreme_launchSupreme -- a friend of Christ Bearer's and a fellow Wu-Tang affiliated rapper -- says he saw nothing in C.B. that would have ever made him think he was capable of cutting off his penis and then trying to kill himself.

As TMZ first reported, Mr. Bearer (real name Andre Johnson) was rushed to the hospital earlier this week after his crazy suicide attempt ... but doctors were not able to reattach his penis.

Supreme says he never saw any signs of mental illness in his friend, and never saw him do any illicit drugs ... just cigarettes, alcohol and a little weed.

Supreme says he visited his friend in the hospital and now it's just time to "let the brother heal."

0418-christ-bearer-facebookFor his part, Christ Bearer did take to Facebook on Thursday to say he was blessed. Wonder if he posted that before or after doctors gave him the bad news?


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Wutang chop suey

188 days ago

Teresa andrews    

I feel so bad for him. Sounds like he has good friends around him.

188 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Again: Unquestionably, the individual is a victim
of Spiritual-Warfare.
The deceptive beliefs of "Five-Percenters" teaches
then ill-informed that they are "gods".
Unsurprisingly, he disproved this sinister deception.
May his Spiritual and Physical health, find healing
in The Name of The True and Living Son of God,
Christ Yeshua. and Rave Section:
"The House of David: Pastor Abedini, and The Road
to Glory"

188 days ago


So grossed out by all the gay and penis content on TMZ these days. Can they please let someone other than Harvey do the updates for a day?

188 days ago

Wow ...    

You know TMZ, though this is clearly an interesting topic, I have to say like Amanda Bynes, let's let the guy heal. He has some health issues that need to be addressed and it should not be headline news. Please don't drag out article after article about him.

188 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Maybe no drugs now, but has he considered his 'mental illness is from all his past drug use.

188 days ago


You know I'm sure the local community college offers some meat cutting courses - just trying to be positive here

188 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

Hummm. Feeling blessed? Ok, bruh.. maybe he has that body dismorphia disorder thing, where his body part was making him physically sick? Like when Chaz Bono felt compelled to have his breast removed. She said she was grossed out by her breasts or something.

188 days ago


We've got bigger problems. Gay people are getting married, folks!

188 days ago


Rappers cutting their ***** off is going waaaay too far. Jumping out the window is quite sufficient.

188 days ago

The Zombie    

I've done enough acid to gag Timothy Leary and NEVER wanted to cut off my pecker. I can't believe people are actually saying this dude isn't mental. I can't blame him for the suicide attempt, though. If I cut off my schlong, I'd swan dive off the nearest hotel.

188 days ago

Sally M    

*Peace?" "Feeling blessed"... I can only assume that's some heavy-duty painkillers talking!

188 days ago


If he did have a legit mental illness the the combo of alcohol and weed set it off. Weed+psychological disorders don't mix period. That being said he probably did hard drugs and people involved in it are now covering it up to save their own arses.

188 days ago


Cover up. That's what it is. Home boy is covering for him.

188 days ago


Tmz you are rude as hell. It's obvious that the man isn't feeling well in his head. Why make more fun of him? You guys are losing control. Becoming just like every other gross entertainment mag.

188 days ago
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