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Clooney's Biz Partner

George Wasn't Drunk When He Blasted Wynn

4/24/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney
's biz partner insists the actor was NOT pounding shots before his nuclear blowout with casino mogul Steve Wynn -- and tells TMZ, "We weren't drunk."

As we reported, Clooney and Wynn (left) locked horns earlier this month at a fancy dinner in Vegas after Wynn called Obama an a-hole. Clooney shot back, calling Wynn the a-hole ... then stormed out.

Wynn claims things exploded because Clooney was slamming tequila -- but Rande Gerber, who was at the dinner -- insists, "No shots were had" ... and it was NOT a heated political debate.

Gerber says, "This wasn't about politics. It was about George standing up for a friend."

FYI, Clooney and Gerber (Cindy Crawford's husband) are partners in a tequila company called Casamigos. They were meeting with Wynn to discuss future business at Wynn's hotels, which already serves the brand.

Funny, we're told Wynn's hotels continue to stock Casamigos ... despite the blowout.


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One thing I noted about GC on the WB lot.


In his office.

Or on the WB basketball courts.

Scrapping for rebounds.

So I'd like to ride GC's great conviction.

To an anti-cynicism campaign.

He and Barack headline.

Steve Wynn's a cynic.

153 days ago


If he wasn't drunk then he has no excuse for defending the man that has ruined this country

153 days ago


Clooney said it was a matter of "character" yet he was defending a man who deliberately tells lies in order to manipulate people and hangs around with Al Sharpton and Rev Wright.

Clooney is a poor judge of character.

153 days ago


Drunks always claim that "they weren't drinking". It's their Mo. George just admit the truth that you were drinking heavily and you made a mistake popping off like that. Simply apologize to Steve and the American people and move on.

153 days ago


who cares what his state was? He's a ***** that can't stand it when someone doesn't fawn all over his opinions as if they were gospel... standing up for a friend...yeah. right.

152 days ago


Some if you only prove that Obama Did not room this country (which that had been said about each if the last 4 Presidents)... but reading seems to be the problem. Why ate so many if you upset that Clooney made the comments? It was his business partner. Also, it is common knowledge that Clooney and Obama are friends.

152 days ago



152 days ago


Wynn's bitter because no amount of money can buy the intelligence, wit, charm, charisma, or genuine and widely recognized altruism which our president possesses without effort. As does Clooney, for that matter.

151 days ago


C looney is a little sqirt. Steve should have knocked his head off.

151 days ago


I'm sure Wynn will still stock the tequila (for a time) because he is not an immature fool. He can laugh off foolish behavior such as Clooney's. George Clooney takes himself WAAAAYY too seriously. He thinks his views and his image are somehow without flaws (even though he wholly lives a lie). He has an arrogantly styled temper and a holier then thou reaction to about everything. He wants people to see him as an equal rights activist but he's an elitist above that has more to do with immaturity then it does selective choosing of friends/ associates/ agendas. He's also an a$$ki$$er where it makes sense for his soap box agenda. One day, when he is actually "old and wise" he will look back and see himself and how people viewed him more clearly and he will be embarrassed. If he didn't get caught up in his own created lie and the imagery he tries to put forth to his fans and allowed himself to appear as the "human" he is then he might be more tolerable when he gets persnickety.

151 days ago


George should have spent more time on his hair and lighting and less on making a headline that put him and Gerber side by side in the public eye- not all of us were aware of their side story "business" partnership...but now that we are...well, it's all so clear now.

151 days ago


i wont buy this tequilla because of Cloney supporting this socialist regime

150 days ago


Clooney is marrying a Jew hater. Guess we know how George feels about Jews now.
He makes me so sick......I will never ever allow one of his movies in my house.....Bye bye George

150 days ago


I cannot tell you how shocked I am . To learn he is engaged to an Arab who hates JEWS....Goodbye George
there will never be any movie with you in it.
Such hatred is unacceptable...
What an azz

150 days ago
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