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Donald Sterling's Girlfriend

Who Is V. Stiviano?!


4/26/2014 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0425_donald_sterling_girlfriend_v_stiviano_instagram_launchBefore she posted the photo that started a race war with Donald Sterling, his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano flooded the web with scorchin' hot photos showing off the perks of dating an NBA owner. 

We broke the story ... Sterling blasted Stiviano for posting a picture of herself on Instagram posing with Magic Johnson. Sterling told her not to be seen with black people and not to bring them to his games. 

Now, we've learned ... Stiviano is a model in her young-20s ... who LOOOVES posting hot bikini pics of herself. She also loved posting pics at Clippers games. 

Well, she used to anyway ...  

No word if her globetrotting lifestyle will come to an end after the fight that ensued with Sterling -- but at least, she'll always have the photos.


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This he/she is the worst tranny out there, she should be part of the kraptrashian klan

144 days ago

Tuff Guy    

Black and Mexican? Does anybody else think that she screams Thai Lady Boy??? Even the way she does the 'peace sign' with her hands is all S.E. Asia.

144 days ago

Sin D    

....having no more skills than having a vagina.....

144 days ago


Oh, my god. This is a dude. It is a guy!!!!! check his body, the lack of hips, the form of his face. This dude is a tranny.
V. Stiviano must be Vincent Stiviano. No wonder is so exhibitionist. Most of trannies like to take endless pictures of themselves.
I dare to TMZ to look for his birth certificate. You will find he was born like a man!!!!!!
A gold digger tranny, way to go Donald!!!!

144 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

The bitch that every man's mother warns him about.

144 days ago


He's an IDIOT! and she's a WHORE! match made in heaven... she looked Flip...?

144 days ago


This is not any news to me. I don't understand why some blacks don't see that this is another form of SLAVERY..yes, blacks making whites richer, and then dislike us. WELCOME TO THE NEW FORM OF RACISM FOLKS...

144 days ago


I am not shocked by what he said. There are some who will just say this behind a door. This is another form of SLAVERY..BLACKS MAKING WHITES RICHER,,NO DIFFERENCE.

144 days ago


Now she will have to pay to see the clippers like everybody else. Stupid ass piece of crap. I served in Viet Nam with everybody and played semi pro baseball with same with respect for all my friends no matter the race or color. She got her revenge, but she also set back American for her own greed and she will not be recieved as the savior that she thinks she is. Obviously the guy is a piece of crap from this and his past, but I can't understand why he owned an NBA team if he didn't like black people. His punishsment will be whenever he comes outside the rest of his life.

144 days ago


People, me on this one...for Sterling to be put on blast on TMZ, it is obvious that his beliefs were on the table way before then. It's just that ALL involved for whatever reason they had preferred to avoid, ignore or just not discuss it in public. A man of that affluence and with that kind of background just doesn't act that way one time and gets caught...'member Paula Deen?

144 days ago


Looks like this dumb ass broad would have gotten Sterling to spring for some dental work and a lip job before she stabbed him in the back.

144 days ago


Ok. #1, this is NOT a genetic female. THIS is a tranny, #2 pics in today's paper show a chick in his/her these pics span YEARS and massa's been hittin' that (and buying chanel bags) a long time OR he/she's not only a hoe, he/she's also a dangged good graphic artist, #3 eeeeewwwww doing the #oldashellgrimreaperguy. Just eeewwwwww.

144 days ago


Her inability to look into a camera tells me she is not a model and has a hard time looking at herself which is appropriate considering she would f an 80 year old much less an 80 year old that hates her race.

144 days ago


i guess he didnt pay her enough to just shut up and suck.

144 days ago


for sure shes gonna be in a porn with james dean after this! im calling it!

144 days ago
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