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Donald Sterling's Wife

I Partied with Stiviano

... Before I Hated Her

4/29/2014 8:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Donald Sterling's wife got REALLY close with her husband's alleged mistress back in 2011 ... before Shelly suspected anything ... and TMZ Sports has the photo to prove it.

Donald, Shelly and V. Stiviano spent some quality time together at a charity gala at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles in November '11 ... even putting their arms around each other and smiling for a group photo. 

But soon after the event, Shelly declared war on Stiviano -- suing Donald's alleged side piece for allegedly stealing $1.8 million from the guy. 

SIDENOTE: Think Donald knew there was a black guy in the photo? Probably didn't end up on his Instagram page.

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The wife is not innocent. She lets him have mistresses and only hates it when he spends money on them. The wife is a racist too who use to catalog the number of Blacks and Latinos renting apartments in their building.

145 days ago


Wait a minute. That looks like a pretty diverse group to me. Is it possible that Sterling is not racist? Hmmm.

145 days ago


Did you know this women Stiviano cheated on Sterling with this black man on the picture and he was so jelous because she told him he was gay and later on he find out he was not and they were sleeping together that's why all this comments were made out off jealousy. Do your research!

145 days ago


aaaaaaa....am i see there BLACK guy.....is he maybe his wife's lover.....he is not friend for sure.

145 days ago


Lucking thing he was smiling or I would have missed him.

145 days ago


and he is clearly being touched by the black man... a true racist would have any of that going on... and why are we trusting a gold digger over someone who was receiving the lifetime achievement award? why did she record him? why didn't he use the n bomb? she is obviously very whorish judging by the fact she was arrested the other day with some other dude. Never trust a ho is rule one of the game or at least I thought it was... and further more why are we not protect our freedom of speech??? I not agreeing with what he said but he is entitled to his own opinion no matter how dumb it is... Stupid people have rights too... celebrities need to use their voice for something productive and not bully people because the have didn't beliefs. this is no different then bullying a gay kid. So thanks for making it official there is no more freedom of speech and we are cowards so much for land of the free home of the brave

145 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Wow! If cheating with a married man don't take some damn nerve. If I was this woman and had to stand by his wife, and take a picture. This would make me feel so damn ashamed of myself. I do not know how those women can live with themselves. I honestly don't.

145 days ago




145 days ago


I guess the3 way didnt work out,see,somebody all ways gets cut out,thats why wifey was mad

145 days ago


This entire family are a bunch of pigs...they probably set this old racist up taped his comments so they can take the team from him....they are evil racists who step on everything and anybody that get in their way.

145 days ago


Obviously the man does not hate Black people. The GF is Mexican/Black. The gentleman on the far right is touching Sterling in the picture in a gesture of friendship. His team is predominantly black. Who knows what his motivation in the secretly recorded tape was, but, assuredly it was more of jealousy motivation than a hate-filled request.
He probably wanted her to be more discreet and less flamboyant and believed Magic Johnson photo ops were more than he could bear?
Who knows? Sterling is 81 years old. Apparently fairly eccentric. I guess I'll have to listen to the secretly recorded conversation again to decide if I missed cursing, degrading names/words used. Or if it is all blowing up because racial media wants to play it this way?

145 days ago

Kitty Pussy Cat    

this is how all sluts do it. they appear to be "friendly" with the spouse and all along they are banging like theres no tomorrow behind the wife's back. Its a power game. The mistress wants to know she is more desired than the wife. I know. I was that slut before

145 days ago


MMkay so it's ok for the racist to take photos with Black people but not the mistress. A tough life for a jump off.

145 days ago

The Truth    

Shelly has known for years that her husband was banging sluts on the side for years but money makes her turn a blind eye to it. Those prescription of Viagra weren't being used on the old saggy p$ssy. She defended her husband just the other day.

145 days ago


He paid everyone in the picture for sex

145 days ago
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