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Donald Sterling's Wife


Hey, I'm Not Banned!

4/30/2014 6:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429-shelly-sterling-01Donald Sterling's wife has apparently flip-flopped again ... hitting up the Clippers game by herself last night after the league BANNED her estranged husband FOR LIFE. 

Shelly Sterling was escorted in and out of the Staples Center in L.A. -- by an official (who happened to be black btw) ... and cheered on the team Donald Sterling has been banned from associating with.  

It's almost like she's thumbing her nose at Donald by going to the game, since he's not allowed anywhere near the arena.

It's an odd move by Shelly ... considering earlier in the week, she went to dinner with Donald and seemed to have his back -- screaming that he was NOT racist. 

But days before that, she blasted him in the media ... claiming Donald's racist comments humiliated the family. 

So, the question ... does Shelly have Donald's back or not??

[H/T to Liz Habib for the pic]

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Shelly is looking out for Shelly. She had Donald's back once she realized his downfall also affects her financially.

She really needs to disappear. For starters, no one's buying that she had NO IDEA her bigot husband of 50 years was not a racist. Was she living under a rock all this while?

174 days ago


She's showing that if forced to sell that she wants to takeover the team.

174 days ago

Bob Barker    

There's your new owner, Clips.

174 days ago


He surely knows how to pick them

174 days ago

Sally M    

She's not to blame for this, he is. Maybe she wants to show that she and the rest of the family support the team and the league.

174 days ago

Just My Opinion    

I don't see why his wife can't go to a game. The poor woman had to put up with a lot from this guy's cheating and saying stupid retarded things as don't bring any black people to his game, when there are black people on his team.. Also, I would be getting divorce papers ready, and going on a fancy azz shopping spree, and have the most high price dinner to celebrate not having to put up with this man much longer.

174 days ago


wh0re for money

174 days ago

donald keith    

she don't have his back , she has his wallet!

174 days ago


Is anyone surprised this woman lacks a moral compass? She puts out a statement calling his words reprehensible, and then 3 hours later she's defending him?? Or do the words you say on tape/ camera also not reflect YOUR true attitudes either Shelly?

Please- this woman knew he was a bigot, and many claim she is too... she was up to her EYEBALLS in the housing scandal lawsuit which they SETTLED- largest settlement of it's kind in the HISTORY of the country.
She was personally named in it; was fully involved in bullying poor ethnic people around- this couple - made for each other- $lum Lord and Lady Sterling!

174 days ago


Oh and one more little thing- you can thank your precious Shelly for costing you your team Donald...
If it wasn't for Shelly's moronic, petty little lawsuit (and the fact that you're a pathetic racist of course), your charming ex-mistress wouldn't have released those tapes (allegedly) out of spite/to protect the dingy little apartment and cast-off cars you gave her! So - good on you Shelly, that was a great move!

Let's break it down shall we? $1.8 million dollars worth of gifts- in total - for a few second hand cars (which you probably forgot you had lying around in some dusty garage you never use Don), and an apartment (which you USED to hmmm "archive" with your mistress)- over FOUR YEARS....Don - for FOUR YEARS of having her exclusive services; you paid the mistress in gifts that are literally 0.1% of your total estimated wealth( 2 million/ 2 billion X100=0.1%)- EVEN if that's a gross overestimation of your total wealth, lol, we're talking fractions of a percent of your wealth to her.. for FOUR years of her time.
Shelly..... you sued the mistress a year after they broke up (one of many mistresses, over many many years- which you were COMPLETELY aware of)- over THAT?!!

But you wouldn't divorce him- you guys still give to charities together for tax breaks and take out ads in the paper telling people all about it; lol.... you guys must have the most interesting social circle!
I bet you and the Don have spent more than that over the years on parties on a SINGLE NIGHT- those fancy draft parties you both threw? So yeah... this whole crap - storm comes to surface over Shelly really begrudging the "immoral" mistress- a paltry amount of money.. which you guys probably get double back in tax breaks YEARLY...
But you should support Don in fighting to keep the team- stand your moral ground you crazy kids! Made for each other!!!!

174 days ago


She is super delusional!

174 days ago


So LA has Jeanie Buss and Shelly Sterling running our basketball teams now....What a difference a day makes

174 days ago

the turk    

TMZ only reports white racism i gave them the facts on charles barkley calling all black women ******s in a tv interview and no response.I guessit's not racism if your black.

174 days ago


I hope the Clippers make it past the first round of the playoffs

174 days ago


Donald could transfer the team to Shelly and the kids so the term remains in the family.

174 days ago
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