'Little Women: LA' Legal Threats Over 'Little' Britney Spears Oops, Don't Do It Again

5/1/2014 12:45 AM PDT

A new reality show about L.A.'s little women is already running into big legal problems -- and it's all because the show's little Britney look-alike is allegedly acting a little too Britney.

Jeff Beacher from Beacher's Madhouse has sent a cease and desist letter to the producers behind Lifetime's new show "Little Women: L.A." ... telling them to watch their backs when it comes to one of the show's stars, Elena Gant.

Gant has famously worked at Beacher's Vegas theater -- doing a "Little Britney" act -- and Beacher wants her new TV producers to know ... he owns the "Little Britney" schtick and they better not try to lift it.

Beacher claims "Little Women" producers are already exploiting Elena's reputation as "Little Britney" in promotional materials ... and he insists ... it better stop now, or else.

Beacher says he owns the copyright for "Little Britney" -- as well as "Little Miley," "Little Kesha," "Little GaGa," and "Little Katy Perry" -- and he's prepared to sue if they're violated ... for tons of money.