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Floyd Mayweather

My Ex DESERVES Abortion Shame

5/2/2014 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather says he told the world about his ex-fiancee's abortion because she DESERVED to be publicly shamed as a reaction to something she did to him. 

Mayweather sat down with Big Tigger from V103 and essentially ADMITTED to posting a photo of an ultrasound to social media along with a message blasting Shantel Jackson for having an abortion when she was pregnant with his twins.

During the interview, Floyd said he was told Shantel lost the babies in a miscarriage ... and only found out the truth when a member of the crew on his Showtime reality show saw a medical document that appeared to show Jackson had an abortion.

Mayweather then went on to blast Jackson as a desperate fame-whore who's in dire financial straits.

Floyd said he paid for -- and still pays for -- her mother's home. He also says Shantel sold the Bentley he bought her to have money to live on in L.A. 

He also took credit for giving her all of her Twitter and Instagram followers. 

He added, "I was in love with a person I didn't really know."

Floyd say he paid for Shantel to get all sorts of plastic surgery -- including a fake butt, fake breasts and face work. 

But the best part ... after slinging all of that mud, Floyd had the audacity to say he "respects everybody."

Earlier in the interview, he also said ... with a straight face ... "Your private life should be private." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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boo boo    

It's her body and she gets to do what she wants with it. If she chose abortion, we don't need to know the reasons for it. He's not her doctor and he's not her master. If he buys her all that stuff it's because he wants to - no one makes him pay for those things. Love it or leave it.

152 days ago

Beast Mode    

There is no shame for having an abortion. Allowing herself to be penetrated by Lil Floyd is humiliating.

152 days ago


The medical term for miscarriage is spontaneous abortion.

152 days ago


What a pig. Using the public to attack your ex who had the sense to get away from this monster. Shame on you, Mayweather. Why don't you try being a father to the 12 other kids you have instead of just a child support check?

152 days ago


Based on that medical report it was an ectopic pregnancy. The fetus' would never have lived to term but would've likely killed her. So....he's saying he wants her dead?

152 days ago


She hired a hit man/doctor to MURDER their child.
Probably isn't the first time.

152 days ago



152 days ago


1) it was an ectopic pregnancy.

2) He also openly cheated on his fiancee for years, and she was supposed to be cool with it? I don't think for a second he broke up with her, and I have heard before that she left because he wouldn't drop his "Harem" of side chicks. I see why she wouldn't want to have his kids. He keeps harassing her even now, and won't move on. Floyd stalked this woman after she broke up with him, robbed her home of all the gifts he'd given her, he harassed her by phone, driving by her home, threatening her for months on end. Being a rich celeb athlete he kept getting away with it. If they had kids I am sure he would think he could control her forever, and chase away any man who tried to be in her life afterwards. He already beat up one of his kids mother in front of the kids. What kind of father is that? He thinks his women and kids are just property. He's mad because his ex was one woman he couldn't buy.

3) A woman, all humans in fact, have a right to privacy. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) takes it a step further by making it illegal to release a person's medical do***ents in any form, w/o prior written consent w/ intentions fully explained.

4) He maliciously (with intent) released her private do***ents which is criminally illegal. HIPAA violations of this kind are $250,000 fine plus 10 years in prison. The victim can also seek (and usually get) millions in punitive damages. On a side note he posted this on instagram and FB, within hours of Shantel being photographed on a date with Nelly. Thsi is an open and shut case, I'd sue till he was broke.

152 days ago


You Tell Em Floyd! Floyd May Be Flashy And An ******* At Times But At The End Of The Day The Chick Used Him For Years. Everybody Is Saying That she Didn't Use Him Because She Had An Abortion. She's A So Called Model And Was Trying To Branch Into Acting And He Clearly Said She Wasn't Gonna Sacrifice Her Body. She's Still A Heathen And A Very Deceitful Woman. And Whatever She Took From Him And Sold Won't Last Forever. Floyd Will Definitely Get The Last Laugh.

152 days ago


Floyd should have worn a condom. As for her getting an abortion, it's hers to decide AND the law. He needs to get off his right wing pedestal and stop harassing her. He looks like the violent azz that he is and always has been. She's better off without this jerk.

152 days ago


Wow! What a great guy he blasts personal info all over the ace AND gave her InstaHAM and Twitter followers. What an ungrateful bitch she is! *eye roll*. Mayweather is an abusive, immature douche bag and if she was such the gold digger in bad financial straights she would have kept the babies and bled this numb skull dry with kiddie support.

152 days ago

Ann Marie Jackson     

He needs to grow up. If she was true gold digger she would have kept his twins. Obviously he has a problem, and she wanted out.

152 days ago


"Place" not "ace".

152 days ago


Strangely I agree with Floyd.

152 days ago

Fancy face    

Scorned Floyd don't put her on blast now. You just made because she no longer wants you & it's in yo face!!! I bet Josie is laughing at you all the way to the bank!!!!!!

152 days ago
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