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Bryan Singer & Gary Goddard

New Accuser Sues ...

It Started When I Was 14

5/5/2014 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard have just been sued by another man who claims the showbiz honchos sexually assaulted him as a boy ... a campaign of abuse he says started when he was just 14.

The lawsuit was filed today on behalf of a John Doe -- now 25 -- who claims Goddard established an online relationship with him back in 2003, and it quickly escalated into nude video chatting. The accuser alleges Goddard masturbated during these video chat sessions.

When he was 16, the accuser alleges Goddard invited him to London where they engaged in anal intercourse. The accuser claims Singer got involved roughly a year later in 2006 following the London premiere after party for "Superman Returns."

He claims Singer and Goddard plied him with alcohol during the party and brought him back to a hotel room, where a muscular man forced him into submitting to Singer and Goddard's sexual advances.

The accuser claims he refused to have sex with Singer, so Singer asked him to sit on his chest and ejaculate instead. Singer has adamantly denied the allegations.

The lawsuit was announced during a news conference Monday by the accuser's attorney Jeff Herman, who also showed blacked-out photos of his client hanging out with Goddard and Singer on the red carpet. The alleged victim was not present during the news conference.

Herman says the accuser was inspired to come forward by his other client -- 31-year-old Michael Egan -- who is also suing Singer and Goddard (as well as others) with similar allegations of underage sex abuse.



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David F. Klassen has lost his sexual assault case v Bralalalala. Hollywood have him new work after the assault allegations, fulling supporting their predator. The Amazing spider man supervising art went on to supervise art and production design for Django unchained while Bralalalala stood accused as a criminal sexual assault victim. Klassen is now finishing work in Interatellar. He has not paid on the trial judgment against him . Police are investigating his video deposition admissions at this time.

171 days ago


David F. Klassen has lost his sexual assault case v. Bralalalala. Hollywood gave him new work after the assault allegation, fully supporting their predator . The Amazing Spider Man supervising art director went on to supervise art and production design for Django Unchained while Bralalalala stood accused as a criminal sexual assault victim . Klassen is now finishing work on Interstellar. He has not paid on the trial judgment against him. Police are investigating his video depositions at this time.

171 days ago

Hans Gruber    

It does not end well for Hollywood.

171 days ago


Holy Ball Sack Batman Bryan Singer is NUTS

171 days ago


Tsk Tsk Tsk

Wont be long, Woody Allen will step up and give a good word for these Speedo Peedos...

171 days ago


One of these days some victim isnt going to sue he is going to get even

171 days ago


Singer is going to have luck with Twinkies now on just like Ben Affleck has luck at the Hard Rock

171 days ago

Hans Gruber    

I think a great earthquake and tsunami is headed for the city of angels.

171 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

Turd burglars. Hershey packers. Weiner whizzlers.

170 days ago


No doubt Singer is nothing but a degenerate pedophile, but all these accusers are also taking advantage now and playing victims, when they actually enjoyed every "inch" of it.

170 days ago


A lot of people are saying the same thing about this Goddard dude. I think there has to be some truth to it. I mean even IF this British kid is exaggerating the story, what is a 60 year old doing sending emails/post cards to a teenager, even if he was 18 it would be weird. Innocent until proven guilty but come on, he sent CANDY lol. I KNOW he's not the only young guy he's messaged.

170 days ago


This mam should not be allowed to direct anothet movie for the rest of his career. But knowing Hollypedo they'll still keep him employed , just those actor freaks who rushed to defend Woody. I use to be envious of the hollywood lifestyle but now I sickened by it.

170 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty. But once guilty he should go away for a long, long, time.

170 days ago

paul a.    

The bigger story is that, due to PC politics, the gay casting couch in Hollywood is going unreported and unchecked.
Every major male star (every single one) today has had to deal with this on their way to the top. Many have given in.....

170 days ago

joyce anderson    

Really, our world is taken two young boys who are adults now and can't find a real job. Let's get money from men we met in 1999. I love the sex (if it was true which I beleve to me so outragist! I don't know Bryan Singer but I know Gary Goddard and he would never hurt anyone yet a young man who me worke with for for. He is a stand up man and would never hurt anyone. Their allegations are so FALSE! and what a shame they have to deal with because they are Hollywood figures. Listen to this, my son at 16 years old had some pycho girl say he "forced himself on her! she lied and the truth prevailed. How horrible it was t the HOLLYWOOD crowd. However a girl who was cutting her self and really feeling bad tried to set my 16 year old in a private school.

170 days ago
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