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Chief Keef

Thumbing His Nose at Obamacare

... Says Baby Mama

5/5/2014 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama would be SUPER DISAPPOINTED in Chief Keef ... 'cause according to his baby mama, the rapper has FAILED to get his daughter health insurance. 

It ain't like Chief can't afford it ... as his ex points out in legal docs, he signed a $6 million record deal in 2013 and has at least $594,167.46 in liquid assets. 

The woman, Jasmine Woodford, claims she's just a poor nursing student who can't afford to buy a health plan herself ... and a judge previously ordered Keef to pony up, but he never did. 

Maybe the website was down?


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He's always flashing wads a cash but can't pay for his daughter health insurance ..... Weak sauce

173 days ago


TMZ "SPORTS"- where we just report on black people's baby momma drama. Inciting racial comments, because that's all we care about- just some comments and filling space. Until a Kardashian has enough money to pay us to report on their latest fart. TMZ has become GARBAGE. We have to wade through PAGES of paid mentions and TOTAL BS (often racial) to get one interesting tid-bit anymore. Why the "SPORTS" branch? Certainly not because you have stories- you just need another page to place links and ads on. BOOOOOOOOOO TMZ

173 days ago


no offense but i bet the only reason why she even slept with him was to have a kid with him for that "easy money" yet why would u at all? he looks like he never takes a shower.

173 days ago


TMZ "Sports".... this is just another way to make a page for advertisements, you certainly don't have enough interesting stories to keep your REGULAR page interesting. I think you started this because TMZ "black people" would have caused too much backlash. GET A CLUE TMZ, MAKE AN EFFORT, AND REPORT ON SOMETHING LEGIT AND INTERESTING, LAZY TARDS!

173 days ago


he looks like a caveman

173 days ago


chief queef will fail at everything he does. He's an idiot and a loser.

173 days ago


Guess she was too poor to buy birth control too.

173 days ago


What a low life. Take care of your kid, idiot. And girls need to stop cranking out babies with losers like this guy.

173 days ago


Black messiah. At least he didn't sell crack like Jay Z

173 days ago


I mean come I understand he's rich I totally get that but why's he held accountable for everything his daughter has two parents his daughter also seems to spend just as much time in her fathers custody or maybe even more than the mother because afterall she's a student but the thing is he's responsible for everything so exactly what does she do as far as her child's concerned she can't afford to feed her clothe her probably can't afford to put a roof over her head either and she Dan sure can't afford to get her healthcare so exactly what does she do? She can't afford nothing as far as her daughter is concerned but she isn't being held accountable for spreading her legs abduction producing a child with this silverback gorilla knowing damn well she couldn't afford the child

173 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

What is a nursing student doing sleeping with a murderous gang banger let alone procreating with him? I know it's for a check but she should be smart enough to know that he'll be killed or imprisoned long before he sees any part of 6 million dollars.

173 days ago


I like all types of music... From crooner to rap. This guys music is just him mumbling with a synthesizer over a slight musical humming. It is not even music. It is horrible. Do a search for yourself. Someone gave him 6 million ? How ? Who ? And why ?

173 days ago


I hope he realizes that god forbid his child has something seriously wrong with her and has to stay in the hospital for like 2 weeks, which would include tests, treatments, and medicines, as well as every doctor wanting their share of his money... That can easily cost a million. Plus signing a 6 million dollar contract... I'm pretty sure he won't be able to claim Medicare, Medicaid, or any type if hardship when it comes to paying.

173 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Im sure he just doesn't know how to get on the computer to sign up. I bet his kids can help him? Btw- who was dumb enough to give this guy money. Rappers are a dime a dozen. Give the $$ to deserving people. The music all sounds the same anyway, people will listen to whatever JayZ or Kanye tells them to listen to anyway. SHEEP

173 days ago


this is who don sterling shood bar from his games. not a soul wood protest that.

173 days ago
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