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Shelly Sterling

If We're Forced to Sell Clippers

I Want to Control Sale, Or Else

5/8/2014 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shelly Sterling will take legal action against the NBA if she doesn't have control over her interest in the event of a forced sale of the team.  But her lawyer says she is adamant ... the NBA has no right to strip her of her 50% ownership, because "she's an innocent victim."

Sources connected with the Sterling family tell us ... Shelly is actually more involved in the team than Donald Sterling, and she would definitely wants to remain an owner, even if Donald is forced out.

Shelly's lawyer, Pierce O'Donnell, tells TMZ Sports, he is currently in talks with the NBA in an effort to avoid a family sale.  O'Donnell is demanding that the NBA allow her to retain her 50% interest.  O'Donnell has explained to NBA honchos, Shelly and Donald have led separate lives for years, living miles away from each other, and they do not share the same views.

O'Donnell says, "She's done nothing wrong.  She's an innocent spouse," adding, "Shelly loves the team and she will resist any effort to strip her involuntarily of her ownership interest."

And, even if a court orders an involuntary sale of the team, Shelly will demand that she have the power to control the sale.  She fears if the sale gets hung up for years in litigation, it would grossly devalue the team.

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Unbroken Chain    

NBA has made a huge mess for themselves with this unnecessary knee jerk reaction. They're gonna spend millions in court costs, plus they will likely lose. NBA law will NEVER supersede the courts. They will demand he sell and then he will get an injunction against the sale, which means both will likely be dead and gone before the team gets sold. This is brilliant strategy by the Strrlings. Fight the NBA from 2 fronts. When will people learn not to mess with the Jews? I hope they control the sale if they sell because it's so transparent the plan was to get the team to Magic Johnson. That ain't gonna happen. This Sterling guy is awesome

176 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Or else...... WHAT, TMZ?!

176 days ago


Welcome to America folks ,where tranny hookers who illegally record private conversations claiming they are archivists, get the star treatment and a family who OWNS a business can be stripped of it as if they have no rights at all. Enjoy!

176 days ago


Innocent my arse!

176 days ago


it is all about $$$
money IS the root of evil !


176 days ago


She should take some of that cash and get that turkey neck fixed! She just looks mean to me.

176 days ago


You married the racist prick...

You reap what you sow

176 days ago


Shut up bitch

176 days ago


Shelly: You didn't get all those "hate" lines around your mouth from talking nice. Karma.

176 days ago


Some totally ignorant f--ktards on this comment section. Imagine if you're spouse (separated) did something like this and you were being forced to sell your business .. It's not right .. Doesn't matter how "mean" she looks or how ugly her neck looks. Fact is this woman did nothing wrong and the NbA has no rigjt to strip her of property and force the sale. There's obviously much more behid the scenes we are not pivy to.

176 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

its been mentioned a lot that the owners are going to vote to force the sale.

vote on WHAT?
this is a free market economy, not a commune.

176 days ago


"She's an innocent spouse," yeah she wasn't pulling that card when she decided to sue his "mistress" It seems to me that many of the statements she has given in regards to this issue have directly contradicted statements that she made for her lawsuit against the "mistress." She's just a liar looking out for her own best interests.

176 days ago


Ms.Sterling control and freedom my balls !

176 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Mrs. Sterling didn't get a divorce from this husband of hers because of financial reasons. Greed is a pretty addictive thing. I just don't get when you are her age and his, why they just don't sell, split all their zillions and go about your business of enjoying what time you have left here on earth and do some good in the world with all that money. The days of owning team are coming to a end one way or the other. Just not worth all the legal crap , you will not win. I guess when you are that rich, it's about trying to hang onto power. V.Stupido ended that for both Mr and Mrs Sterling. Call it a day .

176 days ago


As with any franchise, if one of the partners violates the franchise agreement then the entire partnership is held accountable for the act of their partner. As such, she can lose the team & her recourse will be to her husband.

176 days ago
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