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James Blake House Fire


... Officials Confirm

5/9/2014 11:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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James Blake House Fire Murder Suicide
Officials have declared a "murder-suicide" in the tragedy at a Tampa mansion owned by tennis great James Blake

Law enforcement authorities have just issued a statement saying Darrin Campbell shot his wife and two teenage kids before setting his house on fire early Wednesday morning. 

As we previously reported, Blake was renting the house out to the Campbell family ... and had not lived in the home for more than a year and a half. 

A neighbor says she saw the home explode around 5:40 AM ... and immediately called for help. 

When firefighters arrived to the scene, they discovered fireworks going off around the house. 

An automatic weapon registered to Darrin was also discovered at the scene and footage has now surfaced showing him purchasing fireworks days before the tragedy. 

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Wtf is wrong with people?!?! If you are going to be a coward and kill yourself, just kill yourself, why the wife and kids too?? How can life be that bad that you have to kill your whole family

117 days ago

BLUE UGLY đź’©    

What an a-hole to do that to his family

117 days ago

dr murphy    

This is really bad,its becoming more frequent men killing their families,60 miles east in Orlando Florida at least 4 to 5 guys killed their families,I only know b cus I was living in central and south Florida,from 3/2012 to present.

117 days ago

dia Thrush    

I find it offensive to drag the good name of James Blake into this, he merely rented his mansion to this idiot who was such a low life douchebag and coward he had to take innocent lives with him

117 days ago

Sally M    

Suicide is the most selfish of acts and I guess this type of situation the most extreme in that you won't even let your family have a chance to live on without you.

116 days ago


Never heard of this Blake dude. Tmz is beyond reaching anymore. Desperate!

116 days ago

K South West    


116 days ago


You know this **** I will never understand!!!! If you wanna kill yourself then do just that! Don't take other people with you who want to live!!!! Makes me sick to my stomach. God I pray they didn't suffer or realize it was their father/husband who was about to kill them. Just horrific

116 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Sad thing when someone within you own household decide to do you in.


116 days ago


What a sad piece of **** this guy wasvhe didn't have tobkill his family he should ofv just killed his dam self!!!!!

116 days ago


Mental illness is a bltch. Too bad he did not get help.

115 days ago


TMZ makes it seem like James Blake committed the murder-suicide with their headline...idiots.

On the other hand it's sad that this guy took out his whole family, if he really wanted to die, he should have just killed himself and not taken everyone else too...selfish coward.

115 days ago


Obviously this guy was not suicidal. People who murder their whole family aren't exactly depressed or suicidal. They're just crazy.

111 days ago

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