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Boxing Champ Deontay Wilder


Says Delusional Cyber-Troll

5/12/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Internet troll who got his face BLOWN UP in a real-life fight with boxing champ Deontay Wilder last week claims it was just a "lucky punch" ... and wants a rematch to prove Wilder's just a "phony."

"I was caught off-guard. He just got lucky," Charlie Zelenoff tells TMZ Sports.

We broke the story ... Wilder put a serious hurtin' on wannabe fighter Charlie Zelenoff in a Hollywood boxing gym last week. Wilder claims Charlie had been harassing him through texts, phone calls and online for years -- calling him the n-word and threatening to harm his daughter.

Zelenoff didn't deny the harassment -- in fact, he documented some of the phone calls on YouTube -- but insists he's not a racist.

"A lot of my friends are black," Zelenoff says ... "I just hate Wilder as a person. He's a phony. I'm the best"

Zelenoff says he wants a rematch with Wilder to prove the knock-out was just a fluke -- even though Deontay claims he made his point and WON'T fight the guy a second time.

Don't worry, Charlie has a Plan B -- "Bring on Floyd Mayweather Jr. ... I've got something coming for him too."


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People Annoy Me    

"A lot of my friends are bla-" Stop right there, dear. Do not pull THAT card.
Kid got his bum beat. Big deal. Move on, please. This is hardly considered Celebrity News.
And Floyd won't be as nice as Wilder was, that's for sure..

135 days ago


TMZ do your homework, He is not a troll, he is a very sick person in the crazy delusional type of way. Charlie Z is so delusional, HE NEEDS MEDICAL HELP before he gets killed for his actions. He truly believes he is pro boxer who has KOd people, is 20 something and 0 and so on.. He also is known for sucker punching people, running from fights for various reasons and he even sucker punched Floyd Mayweather Sr. (its on u-tube Im sure) the kid is crazy and thinks he is champ, LMAO... guy is gonna get shot or stabbed one day for sure unless he gets on meds and sees a dr.

135 days ago


got his face "blown up"? talk about delusional. Wilder couldn't even stun a 160... pound pip-squeak who is not even a legitimate amateur let alone a supposedly elite fighter with so called "power"! Now I'm 100% convinced Scott took that dive. lol

135 days ago


got his face "blown up"? talk about delusional. What footage were you looking at? This sorry 160... pound pip-squeak wasn't even stunned by Wilder's overhand right followed by the left to the side of the head. Wilder's "power" is a joke...this is why so many feel that scott took that dive.

135 days ago


It seems clear that Charlie is having delusions of grandeur.

135 days ago


I 've Ref'd one or two of Deontays Pro fights in Cincy...
Anything Deontay hit him with wasn't a lucky punch!!!
Be safe all.

135 days ago


Classless act by a professional. Regardless of what he said, that's all it was: Words. If he felt 'threatened', he should've taken it to the police. Fighting him proved that HE was the bully. Especially swinging on him when he was down. So let me get this straight, he was doing this to help him? But he still took a full swing at his head? Body blows would've done it. His comments afterwards were to try and cover up what he did. School on Christmas- No Class!

134 days ago


"Bring on Floyd Mayweather Jr. ... I've got something coming for him too."

I'm not going to be surprised of that wannabe fighter psychopath brings a gun and tries to kill Wilder. Be careful of this guy.

134 days ago

franca condo    

I say Charlie was doing ok in this fight.

Deontay Wilder.... he's a bum.

133 days ago

Rafael Irizarry    

This guy has a lot of cojones. Wilder is a cry baby. He beat this guy because he could. Wilder is a bully and try to hit him even while he was on the floor. How much the guy weighs 160... and Wilder about 220. He is an abuser. I used to like him but after this no more. I hope Klitschko give him a chance so he could see how to get beat by a real boxer.

131 days ago

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