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Charles Barkley

I Refuse to Apologize

For Ripping Fat Women!

5/12/2014 5:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley says HELL WILL FREEZE OVER before he apologizes to the fat community for making fun of the large women of San Antonio ... claiming, "That's not gonna happen."

Barkley came under fire from MULTIPLE obesity organizations after he went on "Inside the NBA" and said S.A. is a "gold mine" for Weight Watchers because the women there are so huge. 

But last night, Sir Charles addressed the situation head on -- saying, "They want me to apologize? That's not gonna happen."

In fact, Charles doubled-down on the fat jokes ... and took even more shots ... telling his critics if they don't like what he's saying on the show, "Turn it off."

Big boned people .... your move.

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It's not that serious c'mon now lol Chuck was big and he changed that and got on aught watchers and lost his weight he's not skinny or fit fully but he's slimmer and healthier. If it offends people so much they should try and change it by eating better.and working out a little here and there to help better your health

166 days ago


This boy is such a joke!! Wasn't he on the air yesterday talk his normal bull**** when is chair started breaking because of his weight!! Oh the irony. He's just childish a real man would apologized.He's just an ignorant fool I'm sure his mama is proud of his manners and how disrespectful he is. Don't forget KARMA always comes full circle!

166 days ago


C.b. is old. No one cares about him. Now MJ woo hoo

166 days ago


YOU are not too skinny yourself there Barkley and I HAD a picture of you in shorts running a marathon and you the fattest thing out there.. WELL all I have to say about it is .. WE FAT FOLKS ARE KNOWN TO BE JOLLY ,,,SO YOU live your miserable rich life YOUR WAY and I will live my happy ,jolly fat life mine (^!^) Because I may be FAT .BUT I DO HAVE MORALS ..AND YOUR MAMA TAUGHT YOU NONE .. SO I WOULD RATHER BE FAT AND HAPPY THAN SKINNY AND DOWN RIGHT STUPID

166 days ago


Lol all these people calling barkley fat too. He knows hes fat, he jokes about himself too on the show. He and shaq once had a "six pack contest" to make fun of each other on whos fatter. Funniest **** on tv. lol.

166 days ago


Listen to me. my comment is the only one that matter.
you do not need to apologize. we need to lose weight and prove you wrong. So if they are offended by your truthful joke then lose weight or turn off the TV. :)
your a great person to listen to and keep the SA jokes coming. I am from SA and love my spurs! GO SPURS GO!!!!

166 days ago


Why should he apologize for stating facts ???? Hell look at shows like biggest looser people are stupid

166 days ago


Hmm he looks pretty fat himself I mean maybe he should join weight watchers first then tell the San Antonio Women who are over weight to try it. And its weird if he was a white 80 year old man who owned the Clippers they would take him off the show.

166 days ago


This is discrimination any way you slice it but the NBA is quiet because Barkley is black. Pathetic

166 days ago


Fire the bigot! Oh wait, I forgot, there's only a few groups that cannot be disrespected & women are fair game. Why is it that members of the groups that cannot be disrespected (& shouldn't be) seem to be so damn disrespectful themselves to others? Hypocrite!

166 days ago


Dumb ass narcissist

166 days ago


Charles Barkley hates himself, he only rips on people without rings, for being old or fat..I Guess he just comments on what he sees in the mirror!

166 days ago

molasses jones    

Charles Barkly… dude go back and eat another donut…

166 days ago


people need to stop being so sensitive, he was joking. charles is the man...lol

166 days ago


I find Charles Barkley repulsive. Who in the hell can his ugly, fat and i'm sure stinky butt call someone anywhere in the world fat. He is uneducated and must have bought his degree. So in conclusion, whatever comes out of his mouth is dumb. He didn't complain when the Mayor took his fat butt to restaurants in San Antonio. He cheap butt is doing this for free food. Wherever he eat in San Antonio, I hope they remember how he dogs our city.

166 days ago
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