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Donald Sterling

Blasts Magic For 'Having AIDS'

'He Should Be Ashamed'

5/13/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling
says Magic Johnson is a bad example for the children of L.A. because of what he did to "get A.I.D.S." back in the '90s ... and says he should be ashamed of himself. 

Sterling made the comments to Anderson Cooper during his big CNN interview ... saying "To do what [Magic] did and then get A.I.D.S. ... I mean, come on."

For the record, Magic does not have A.I.D.S. -- but was diagnosed H.I.V. positive back in 1991. 

Sterling continued his attack on Magic -- saying, "Big Magic Johnson ... what has he done? He's got A.I.D.S."

"What kind of a guy goes to every city and has sex with every girl? Then he catches H.I.V. ... is that someone we wanna respect and tell our kids about? I think he should be ashamed of himself. I think he should go into the background."

Sterling also said he believes Magic tricked him into staying quiet in the days after TMZ Sports published the original audio recording as part of a diabolical plot to take over the Clippers. 

Sterling also just called Anderson Cooper a RACIST -- saying, "I think you have more of a plantation mentality than I do ... and I think you're more of a racist than I am."

Sterling didn't explain why he believes Cooper is a racist. 

Sterling seems to be in denial about how the players feel about him -- saying they still "love me." He says the media hates him. 

Story developing ...

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141 days ago


now donald..yiou will say that a guy who ran around with a hooker and contracted hiv is a very good role model..if not we will call you a racist.- society and the media

141 days ago


OML! Dya hear that noise?
shush, plop, shush, plop
Its the sound of Sterling digging his own grave!

141 days ago


What a dumbas$. Everyone has a past with skeletons. Your intolerent words is your present dont try and drag everyone down on your sinking ship. Fatas$

141 days ago

Family Friend    

Being old is not a license to talk with no care, compassion, or sensitivity. Day-to-day I see this happening more and more. It transcends everything they do....how they drive, co-mingle, move about in stores, etc etc etc. "Oh forgive me, I'm old." BS! Among other things, aging has robbed their of decency and manners. It's like they've all gotten this ejection of self-centered entitlement.

141 days ago


i agree with Sterling and i am an Black African American attending an HBCU.

141 days ago


AND! who is he to judge Magic, I'm sure Magic's women were much prettier than that horse mouth troglodyte Sterling is with, Face mask? she needs a face transplant!

141 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

There should be no question now as to whether or not this old jackass has dementia. Unbelievable.

141 days ago


he speaks his truth ,more people should be like this guy and tell it like is , this guy may have a diff way at looking at things , dog the bounty hunter s show is back on and sucking like before ,he also was recorded on a phone calling some girl a ngiger.....this will all blow over soon enough ,everybody seems to be locked on to j z gettin his ass wooped by his wifes sis,...i would love to hear the audio from inside that elevator lol

141 days ago


If everyone's conversation's were recorded and broadcast at the right or wrong time everybody would be in trouble

141 days ago


Donald Sterling had one Point the Way Magic Contracted HIV by having unprotected sex in every City. With that being Said what Magic did after is what counts. He has Raised Awareness, Money, and he is Speaking up on why Protected sex is Important, Magic has Raised Millions of Dollars for Education of HIV, and finding Cures for HIV, and that is someone that I personally find is what America, and the World should Look Up to and Model there Character after.

141 days ago


The late night comedy shows must be thanking god for this guy right about now.

141 days ago


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141 days ago


The man might be a racist, but he's right! Magic lived a wild lifestyle cheated on his wife many many times and contracted HIV regardless of race he's a poor example, and so many of you kiss his azz why? Because he was good at putting a ball in a basket?

141 days ago


Bombaclot! The old man spilling the facts on every ody. But the owners should be aware that if they set this as a precedent more scandals don't cause other repercussions including their own personal lives revealed! And they way I am hearing Donald talking, sounds like the man is ready to blow up on everybody! I respect the man for facing this as humble as he could. But for real, where do we draw the line on freedom of speech and that of being called a hate crime? One minute you can't say black, next can't say gay. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with calling someone a old Jew? Now that to me seems like a bias play on things. Racisim will always exsist. Just saying....
Oh and he is right about Magic. He (and others) have done too little for minorities. And I also think it's verrrrrry wrong for the commissioner Silver to be attending games with Magic at this time. He should respect the situation and stay at a professional distance as to not cause a conflict of interest , as seems to be the case here. Silver probably getting a big pat on the wallet to encourage the sale of this team. I hope Donald Trump socks it to them and buys it from all those other big shots who set this whole thing up in order to oust these TRUE DEDICATED OWNERS OF OVER 30 YEARS!
To all Owners: Beware, your not shooting yourself in the foot by voting them out.
The man did nothing to deserve this amount of fcukery! Calm down and carry on.

141 days ago
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