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Paul Walker Crash

Driver's Widow Sues Porsche

5/12/2014 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Porsche Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died in was basically death on wheels ... and faulty mechanics caused the tragic crash ... at least that's what Rodas' widow is claiming in a new lawsuit filed against Porsche.

Kristine Rodas filed the lawsuit today ... claiming the Porsche Carrera GT Paul and Roger were driving had a faulty part in the suspension which caused the car to careen out of control. In the papers, she claims Roger tried to keep the car on the road, but could not regain control before hitting a light pole.

In the docs, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court ... Kristine also blames Porsche for the car exploding on impact -- claiming the vehicle lacked a proper "crash cage" and a "racing fuel cell."

According to the docs, the "fuel cell" is common in race cars ... and prevents the fuel from igniting if there's an impact.

Kristine quotes Porsche ... "Carrera GT is as close to a racecar as we will ever get."

She also alleges Porsche ignored multiple fatal crashes that had occurred in the Carrera GT ... and never took steps to warn customers.

Here's the problem ... Kristine never acknowledges Roger was speeding in the car -- in fact, she claims he was only doing 55 mph. Back in March the CHP released its investigation results ... which put the car at somewhere between 80 and 93 MPH.

Kristine's hired Hollywood heavyweight attorney Mark Geragos to take on Porsche. She's suing for negligence, wrongful death and product liability.


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No he was speeding. He died and killed paul due to his own stupidity.

132 days ago


Oh isnt mark the same guy who defends the woman beater and that guy who killed his wife and unborn child?some people would do anything for a buck.

132 days ago


Her husband and his buddy were speed demons, plain and simple. But in this country and at this time in history, personal responsibility is out of style. Find the deep pockets and sue the **** out of 'em. I wish she would end up with bupkis, but I know they will settle, and another undeserving person will have really good walking around money in her pocket.

132 days ago

Tammy LM    

You stupid golddiggin irresponsible skank! If it weren't for YOUR dead husband, Paul Walker would still be alive today and HIS family would still have their son and father. THEY should be sueing your late husband's estate for every nickle he had left in emotional damages for causing Paul's death. HE WAS SPEEDING. And you yourself even admit it. Even if which this is a really big IF he was driving as you say 55 miles per hour. Well, honey the speed limit posted was NOT 55. It was like 25 or 35 in that area. The footage of the crash shows he was speeding when he hit the tree. And Porsche doesn't need to put a crash cage in their cars because if people were driving them NORMALLY in accordance with the normal posted speed limits you wouldn't need a damn crash cage. It's a race car. It's not meant to be driven by idiots who have a thing for drving fast and wreckless. The car also does not need to have a racing fuel cell because it's being driven on the streets. If it were being dren exclusively on a race track it would need and have those things. This is a sports car. It's only requirement is that morons don't drive them wrecklessly, and your late husband was a moron who drove wrecklessly with Paul Walker in the passenger seat. How DARE YOU even think about suing. The only thing you should be doing is hanging your head in shame and constantly apologising for your late husband's actions that caused the death of Paul Walker and leaving your own kids without a dad.

132 days ago


Paul walkers family should sue you. Your husband killed him

132 days ago


the jury's verdict will be: "NOT GUILTY" due 2 sumthin called "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY."

followed bi:


butt the judge will say "hey, the 'case closed' part was supposed 2 b my line!"

and in a fit of rage, the judge will sentence kris brown 2 54 more munths beehind bars!

and he'll grab beeber by his dildo and toss him over niagra falls! preferably the canadian side.

and the peeple will sing and dance! and life wil b werth living again.

132 days ago

Bossy Potato    

She's just trying to get money from this tragedy. It's the American way! You're fiancé was a douche, speeding in a porche and killed two people. Why is that grounds for a lawsuit?

132 days ago


Because it was porsche's fault for distributing a letter which stated the car must be driven by professionals in closed courses and They we speeding at nearly triple the posted limit in on a street where there was a nearby festival. Yep not my fault.

132 days ago


Good luck with that stupid lawsuit....and your husband's responsibility lies where in all that mess?

132 days ago


Simple, speed kills

132 days ago


I wouldn't usually comment on something such as this but I'm a bit outraged at the way some individuals choose to handle themselves here. We are all very saddened by the passing of both Roger and Paul. Two very amazing men, who both shared a love for fast cars and fast pace. Whether you blame Rodger for Paul's death or not will not bring him back. Many of you didn't know of Roger like you knew of Paul, but if you knew either one of them you knew they were best friends and business partners. You would also know that Paul has said himself that if he were to ever die and speed was a factor he died doing what he loved. Paul was a thrill seeker as was Roger. Both men were very intelligent about fast cara and aware of what they were when they entered that Porsche. Also both very experienced drivers and it is in my belief that there had to be other mitigating factors other than speed and mishandling that led to their very unfortunate and untimely passing. None of you truly know the findings you believe what media has propagated for sales,headlines and the makings of a good story off others musfortune. Rogers wife certainly isn't the only one who stands to gain from a tragic loss. No offense to the media for doing their "job". Both men had families, not just Paul Walker. All be it I cannot Say enough about how amazing Paul Walker was and is. As his memory lives on through his family, friends and his fans as well as through the many lives he continues to change through his endless contribution to charity organizations world wide and Roger as well. All of you are doing two very amazing men a terrible injustice and to say Paul would be disappointed is an understatement to say the least. You should all be ashamed.

132 days ago


pathetic gold digger. idiot was driving a car he couldn't handle and driving it like a maniac. what's the phrase: "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes". Doing 100mph in a 35/45 mph city street in traffic is stupid.

132 days ago


She's living the new American Dream, try and sue your way into financial security, LOL!

132 days ago


Sorry he died but how are you going to sue a company for your husbands reckless driving? Had he been obeying all motor vehicle laws and driving the way he was supposed to both occupants would still be alive and with us today, the only factor that changed this outcome was your husbands stupidity. Im sorry you lost your source of income and will now have to find a job and/or hook up with some other guy to get by but the only person you have to blame for that is your husbands.

132 days ago


Uuummmm... I read that Porsche did send out notices re the safety of the vehicle and that it should only be driven on the most pristine surfaces. Also, the driver was speeding and the TORES WERE TEN YEARS OLD . So, good luck. I am still saddened that Paul died this way. I know this business park and doing 55 was not safe either. There's a trampoline place where they crashed... Drivers in and out of the parking lot. It wasn't a freeway. Roger was liable and she's lucky he never killed a mom and her kids driving the way he did. This wasn't the first time. Still very sad though.

132 days ago
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