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Ken Shamrock

Jay Z's Bodyguard Sucks

He Failed In the Elevator

5/13/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0512-ken-shamrock-tmz-01Beyonce's sister should never have ever come CLOSE to attacking Jay Z in that hotel elevator ... because the bodyguard could have prevented the attack ... so says a guy who would know, Ken Shamrock

The former UFC champ now specializes in private security for high-profile people -- and he tells TMZ Sports the guy who was with Jay that night simply FAILED at his job. 

"It's pretty clear that something went off [between Jay Z and Solange] before the fight," Shamrock says.

"The bodyguard should never have put them on the elevator together. You're waiting for a time bomb to go off. And when it does, you're stuck."

Shamrock -- who's been working for Pro-tect Global for more than a year -- says the bodyguard also erred by turning his back on Jay. 

"Rather than getting in between Jay and Solange, he was pressing the elevator buttons. It seemed to me he didn't know what his job was."

Ken says he knows the guy was in a tough situation and says it's easy to judge from afar -- but the bottom line is ... Jay Z got attacked -- and it didn't have to happen that way. 

Jay Z Attacked By Solange Knowles

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Calm down    

That's Beyonce's bodyguard not Jay-Z's. He doesn't have to protect him, his focus is on Bey. He was also making sure that the public didn't see the altercation (mind you no one knew the tape would be released).

166 days ago


The only reason Slave-Z didn't hit her was because the bodyguard WAS there... he is not above hitting a woman, look it up "jay-z punches woman" on youtube

The facade of this fake relationship has fallen off, it's obviously he cheats

166 days ago

Chris Kanyane    

No you Ken Shamrock is totally wrong. The bodyguard is sensitized to protect Jay Z from "out there" people in the public, not such close relative. The bodyguard was to protect the three of them. The reason for pressing the elevator buttons was supreme protection of the the three. Have he not press the elevator buttons to keep the doors closed - oh people would have heard these deep dark family secrets. The bodyguard new that whatever Solange does will not come to close harming Jay-Z because he was just through soft handbag and wild swinging hands. I have a indepth knowledge of private security and I can boldly say the bodyguard here scored 100 out of 100

166 days ago


Shamrock has a point. The bodyguard could have diffused the situation.

166 days ago

Sally M    

I'm certainly no expert but I thought he did a great job of containing her without hurting her, keeping Jay & Bey from harm keep the door shut so it would remain private and separated them outside. He seemed really professional. Plus who the hell would have seen that coming! Lol

166 days ago


It's family . and there' no audio and she's a Lil woman . so its more to it than any of us know

166 days ago


The world is a week late lol they took solange son to game 4 or whichever one that was. prior to the TMZ outbreak

166 days ago


Im black *****. I signed up tocommentt tired of the racist comments

166 days ago


I doubt if the bodyguard expected Solange to physically attack JayZ . Plus, he wasn't going to body slam a family member.

166 days ago


I really believe that solange caught Beyonce taking drugs and found out that jayz got her on them and blew up on him. That would explain why Beyonce was acting like she was on cloud 9 and had no reaction to what was going on.... I would hate if this was true but it would make since.

165 days ago


He was making sure that elevator door stayed shut. Jayz is nothing but B.'s handler and controller.

161 days ago

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