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Michael Jackson

MJ Estate Slams New Molestation Claim

5/13/2014 5:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

10:00 A.M. PDT -- Howard Weitzman -- attorney for Jackson's estate -- tells TMZ Safechuck has denied many times over the past 25 years that Michael ever did anything inappropriate to him ... but is "now demanding money from Michael's Estate by claiming he suddenly recalls life differently."  Weitzman says Michael is no longer able to defend himself, but "we believe these false and scurrilous allegations will not prevail."
A new sexual molestation claim has been filed against the estate of Michael Jackson by a man who claims the singer sexually abused him from the time he was 10 until he was around 15 ... this according to a new report. 

This latest claim was added on to the lawsuit filed by Wade Robson last year, so says The Daily Beast. The filing is sealed, but the site reports the claims are being made by James Safechuck, who appeared as a child alongside Jackson in a 1987 commercial for Pepsi (see below). 

According to the report, Safechuck had long denied being sexually abused by Jackson, but decided to come forward after Robson made his claims public.

There were rumors about Jackson's relationship with Safechuck in the late 80s ... the singer was often seen with the young boy following their commercial together ... including the opening performance of "The Phantom of the Opera" with Liza Minnelli (see above).

The Estate has already objected to Robson's claim because it was both suspicious and filed too late.


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doesn't he know he's squeezing a dry rag

107 days ago

Angie in Ireland    

MORE than "suspicious"!!!

Predicted this BS only weeks ago!

Perfect timing ...Another positive MJ-related project (Xscape album, commercial, MJ hologram on Billboard awards being televised this weekend & other promotional efforts) is in full swing and, ready, steady...BAM...Let's hit him now. Predictable and pathetic!

Same happened when AEG trial was about to take place...BAM...Warning to Katherine Jackson...In the form of Robson appearing out of the blue, to make allegations against her son. As that trial progressed, more sordid (And as usual, unfounded) reports came out , with false / spun /discredited reports in the usual tabloid rags - regarding the FBI files on MJ's supposed pay-off of numerous boys.

They did the same kind of BS during the build up to the BAD 25 release, and this is where I actually realised that something odd and very sinister was going on behind the scenes. This crap is the latest I will be adding to the ever-growing list of BS that does the rounds whenever something positive surrounding Michael Jackson, is going on.

It has become a pathetic pattern - Well organised - well timed; and with this latest BS, the prediction I made a few weeks ago, - BINGO - it has just come to light. Sad, pathetic, but true.

I am now more convinced than ever, that there is a sinister group out there, who will do everything in their power to try and sully Michael Jackson's legacy.

What a world!!

Wake up to the pattern and timing here, people!!

107 days ago


No, Dee, only MJ had a****ing issue. He couldn't get a hard on unless he was clicking a boy under 15 years old

107 days ago


I call bull****.... I cannot believe all the chicken ****s coming forward now conveniently enough after MJ is gone so cannot defend himself AND when his estate has blown up with the amount of money it has. I see nothing but greed here.....

107 days ago


Diane Dimond (AGAIN) was the first to break this scoop on an alleged MJ molestation blah blah through her Daily Beast article dated May 12th:

This Ms. Dimond was part of the fake 1993 and 2005 allegations.

She even tried to orchestrate a scheme back then, was desperate to find other "victims" to claim that MJ had molested them. It's hard to articulate the back story of how this Diane Dimond was involved since the 90's, but bottom line is: she was part of the ones who conspired to bring Mr. Jackson's legacy down in the drain.

I see domino effect here. But MJ is not around anymore to defend himself.

107 days ago


1.) Jackson's new album release date is May 13th and this "news" came May 12th (talk abut timing)

2.) Why is this  writer here (Diane Dimond) seem to be the one of the first, (if not the first ) to scoop molestation factoids

3.) My wife is right - shirts should be produced with bold print on the front saying "MJ MOLESTED ME".

Personally, it's not surprising that more "accusations" will come out, not because that MJ was really a pedophile - but more of a bandwagon thing, knowing how easy it is to say "MJ molested me".

Now that MJ has been dead for some years, the more I hear "I was molested by MJ" - the more it sounds like a joke to me.

And yeah, what a suspect timing. And really - Diane Dimond AGAIN?

107 days ago



Speaking from a strictly factual basis and not referencing Mr. Safechuck or Mr. Robson: Mr. Weitzman's statements are misleading. #1 As a CA superlawyer he knows California law allows for exactly that - sexual abuse victims coming forward any time within a few years after they became aware and understood what had happened - any time after the actual incident(s). #2 The average time for male victims of sexually oriented abuse to come forward is somewhere between 20 and 25 years after the fact. - I shall conclude my comment with the recommendation that Mr. Weitzman ceases to mislead the (interested) public, mostly consisting of fans. As a superlawyer he should not have to resort to rhetorical gimmicks, as e.g. attacking the person instead of addressing the facts ("ad hominem"). The facts will prevail - even without Mr. Weitzman's statements. Maybe it is time to seek retirement, Mr. Weitzman. I think you got a litle, uhm, senile.

107 days ago


I dont believe it. Never have.

107 days ago


Move on. Next please. This is getting frigging crazy. These people need to crawl back under their rocks.. Earn your money like everyone else.

107 days ago


isn't it weird how Micheal's new album is comin out 'xscape' = money & this comes up
damn the s***s that want michael's money

107 days ago

MJ The Best    

Wade is a devil..he wil!

Michael is an ANGEL!

Look In the guinnessbook..He is the Greatest Humantarian how ever lived..!

Michael Forever..

Million peoples love him so much!!!

Gaby from Germany

107 days ago


MJ seemed to have had a lot of boys to play with. Where were these kids' parents?

107 days ago


The one major reason I doubt Michael is a child molester, other than that super weak trial police presented , was the police seized material from all Jackson homes and property, they unannounced cut him off from his property and computers to be scrutinized by police they wanted to find him guilty.

Some of us would have to admit it, if our computers were subject to a surprise scrutiny, some of us would be embarrassed, if Michael was a pedophile, you should find at the lest one piece of child porn material, if someone is addicted for years to pedophile, we should able to find something, but police found nothing, except years of heterosexuals adult material.

The trial proved his innocence for Me.

107 days ago


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107 days ago


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107 days ago
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