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Latest MJ Accuser

He Kept Me Out of School

... So He Could Molest Me

5/14/2014 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Molestation AccuserThe lawyer for the latest Michael Jackson sexual molestation accuser is coming out swinging ... telling TMZ the pop star routinely made the young boy skip school so he could be "available" to MJ.

James Safechuck's lawyer, Maryann Marzano, tells TMZ ... MJ publicly flaunted his relationship with the boy, making it appear they were best friends and Safechuck was Michael's protege.  The lawyer says in reality MJ was privately molesting the kid. 

As TMZ previously reported, James Safechuck (who appeared alongside MJ in a 1987 Pepsi commercial) is accusing Jackson of years of sexual abuse. MJ estate attorney Howard Weitzman has called the allegations "false and scurrilous."

Marzano says a "narcissistic" MJ would prevent Safechuck from going to school as a 10 and 11-year-old so the boy could be available to him when he was on tour.

Marzano tells TMZ, "If there is still any question about the predatory nature of Michael Jackson’s so-called ‘friendships’ with young boys, it should be laid to rest by the indisputable facts of what Michael did to James Safechuck."

The specific accusations are sealed, but Marzano says the case against Michael is airtight.


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I can hardly wait for this to go to court, but sadly, it will not. He'll be paid-off (again) to keep his mouth shut.

163 days ago

I love tmz    

I wonder if Michael Jackson gave good head

163 days ago


This guy is trying to steal Michael's shine, now that they've made an album of unreleased songs.. Get the **** outta here.. If this were true, why didn't he come with these allegations when Michael was still around? Losers!!

163 days ago


"The specific allegations are sealed" yet Diane Dimond got them from his lawyer, TMZ is getting them from his lawyer...she hoping to do just like Gloria Allred and produce as big a stink as she possibly can in hopes for a settlement. This is so ridiculous.

163 days ago


So where the hell were his parents when he was supposedly being yanked out of school and why did they allow it? Sounds like he just wants money.

163 days ago


ßÚŢŢħÚŗť Ɓİťƈĥ

163 days ago

Bruiser Buckeye    

Throw his parents in prison for allowing this kid to hang out with a known accused child molester.

163 days ago


if that is true, then his parents need to be in jail for being neglectful

163 days ago


Why didn't your punk ass say something when Michael was alive. It's really cowardly to tear somebody down when they are dead. Get your punk ass outta here

163 days ago

Sally M    

Case is "airtight"? And so then you waited til years after he died because...?

163 days ago


Michael's poor kids. Let their dad rest in peace already! Geez...

163 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

He did the same to me!!!!

163 days ago


The point is the fact that this man finally "remembers" being molested all those years ago would make anyone suspicious now. Why not bring this up When all the other young boys who claimed to be molested were dragging micheal to court. How does he plan on proving this now since mj has been dead for 5 years now. For him it of course makes it seem like he is looking for easy money now since his "molester" is now dead it's his words against s dead man who can't speak on his own behalf. I'm also sure if his parents suspected anything they would have joined the other families in those law suits against mj. I'm sure after hearing all the lawsuits over the years something would have triggered his brain to remember him being molested. It's like I said yesterday it sounds like total bs.

163 days ago


I don't and will never believe that he ever even thought of doing anything he's been accused of over the years. Despite the fact that it is inappropriate I think for a man to have overly friendly relationships with children who are not first and foremost family/family friends, the parents are really the ones at fault for allowing that happen. MJ had a loose hold on reality and if you told him yes he would never know it was socially wrong/would be viewed with other implications. Then he went through that period that most children go through when he flaunted having children as friends because he wanted to prove that there was nothing wrong with it and then after the second trial i think he finally realized that it was actually dangerous. All in all though this person waited way to long to do anything and I doubt he's going to convince them to give him money now. Michael hung out with so many kids and I guess that now that he's dead they figure they don't have to feel bad about making these kinds of accusations when they've fallen on hard times however my theory is that they're still dealing with his estate which is now way more powerful than it was before he died therefore they're just as screwed.

163 days ago


Even more despicable are the parents of these kids that appeared more than happy to let their young children have "play dates" with a grown man who has had numerous accusations for years of inappropriate behaviors with minors.

163 days ago
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