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Justin Bieber

Dear Mama ...

I Wanna Be a Rapper!!!


052014_justin_bieber_2pac_instagram_launchJustin Bieber's never-ending quest for street cred continued last night when he jumped up on stage with Rick Ross to serve as his hypeboy ... then grabbed the mic to rap over some 2Pac. Holla if ya hear me!

It all took place at a nightclub called Gotha Club located in Cannes. Bieber hopped on stage to join Ross as he performed, looking more like someone who got separated from his parents and wandered up on stage.

Later -- sans shirt, of course -- Justin decided to hop on the mic himself to rap over 2Pac's classic song, "Dear Mama."

Thug Lite.


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69 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

I hope he gets shot trying to do so.

69 days ago


People he should stick with TRYING to be a singer first.

69 days ago

BLUE UGLY đź’©    

He is talentless & lame

69 days ago


He wont get any street cred from a cop. HaHa

I think Bieber has more street cred then that fraud.

69 days ago

Farrakhan Ashy Larry    

You can be anything you put your mind to, Justin.

69 days ago


You can hate all you want, but he's got the dough. Money talks, and that's why nobody can touch him. That's self-made. Take a look at yourselves, you got a body like him? You got a six-pack? Exactly. Hate him all you want, but his body shows you the hard work and self-control that he has. Next time you want to troll him, look in the mirror first. You all know I keep it real. Truth.

69 days ago

K South West    

How long does this Canadian work visa last?

69 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Unfortunately she received a letter that said, "Dear Mama, I want to be a douchebag, " So she complied.

69 days ago


Whats his rapper name gonna be Q-Tip?

69 days ago


Dear Momma

Pack up ALL my stuff
and LET"S go back to```

BEST idea ``` EVER!!!

69 days ago

Edddie Nash    

Why does TMZ think that William has street cred? They do know that he stole the Real Freeway Ricky Ross life story, right? The Real Rick Ross lives about 10 minutes from TMZ headquarters.

69 days ago

Stoked Rick And Jack's and Mom (all three are the same guy)    

Rappin about s*it that he knows nothing about. Rappin about s*it that he never lived. Don't be fake and just stick to what you know. You just look dumb wanting to live a life that you don't know.

69 days ago

KarateE! Mouse    

Leave this ****er alone already....yes he's immature but let's be real. If I was a millionaire and 19 years old and been in the game for 6 years I would of got tired of people talking **** to me and stop giving a **** too.....he's 19 wow let this ****er learn and ****. Beiebs is koo in my book

69 days ago



69 days ago
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