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Macy Gray

I Support Period Day

Women Need a Day to Bleed!

5/22/2014 8:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Macy Gray Period DaySome women might try to hide it, but it's clear ... their world crumbles ... once a month ... and that's why they ALL deserve paid menstrual leave if they need it -- so says Macy Gray.

It's the latest debate topic in employment -- should women get a paid "Period Day" every month for when their menstrual cycle is at its worst? -- and Gray came out in full support Wednesday night in L.A.

She makes a pretty convincing argument -- but we still gotta ask ...


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Why is this dumb irrelevant monkey speaking on everyone else's behalf? Lets give men a day off every month for the things we do that women can't. Wake the **** up America were slowly turning into a 3rd world country.

153 days ago


Oddly enough i actually agree with this. Some women really do suffer through each months cycle and most men are to ignorant to understand just how painfull it is for them. They should get a day or 2 per month when it is at its worst to just relax in bed. After all if it were not for women none of us would be here. Most people surely would scoff at this idea but it is that really a supprise considering after all we are on tmz lol

153 days ago


And this is why women will never run the world. You think hard decision making at a moments notice will wait because.. Ouchie you have a cramp and you feel moody? If that's the case don't work and stay at home barefoot and pregnant. It's a lot more comfortable home in your Jammie's. Typical, women want equality but yet also want special treatment. You see soldiers who get severely injured and go back to battle as soon as they can pick up their rifle. You see great men like Captain Patrick "Paddy" Brown who died on 9/11 make decisions in a one or two minute notice to save a persons life. What if he was a woman and had her period and took off that day or couldn't climb those stairs because he had an ouchie cramp. People would be DEAD. Macy gray and women who vote for this day (or week) just sent the women's rights movement back about 100 years. Good job.

153 days ago


send her back to planet ectomorph!

153 days ago


If it gets them out of the office, I'm all for it. Let them beat up on their family and friends instead of coworkers and customers.

153 days ago


I never thought I'd agree with this but the older I get the worse my period gets. There's always one day where I feel like fainting. One day off would be helpful. It's way more than just cramps. It's crazy.

153 days ago


Can't blame a girl for being grumpy, it must really sux to bleed from ur p×ssy

153 days ago


Equality means that women have to play through the pain, just as men have to. You can't have equality and special privilege at the same time. They are contradictions.

153 days ago


i support macy buying a hair brush or else shave that thing off her head!!

153 days ago


i support macy buying a hair brush or else shave that thing off her head!!

153 days ago


i support macy buying a hair brush or else shave that thing off her head!!

153 days ago


If you have it heavy yes

153 days ago


Period day, 6-12 weeks off for having a baby, leave to take care of a sick child and on and on....and they wonder why they get paid LESS than men? If you want to work, WORK, but otherwise keep yourself at home. Women's feet are small for a reason you know...makes it easier to stand closer to the SINK to wash dishes LOL

153 days ago


so just so I have this want to be paid the same amount as men, but then want bonus days off because of your menstrual cramps???

153 days ago


As a female, I would like to say .... Please come back to the real World. It's straight up stupid crap like this that make women look like air heads stupid hitches. Take some Advil grab life by the balls and go to work. Be thankful you are alive to have to deal with a period ... it could be worse ... you could be dead. Have a great period lady's. Liquid gel caps work great!!!

153 days ago
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