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Airline Apologized for Racially Profiling Me

I Got Vouchers to Prove It!

5/28/2014 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Love & Hip Hop" star Benzino claims AirTran Airways has already accepted blame for racially profiling him on board a flight this week -- and as a gesture of its remorse, AirTran gave him 2 vouchers for $200.

TMZ posted video of Benzino's f-bomb-laced outburst shortly after he claims a flight attendant racially profiled him on his flight Tuesday from Vegas to ATL ... and the story behind the outburst is crazy.

Benzino tells us, he and his new wife were the last people to board ... and as soon as they took their First Class seats, a flight attendant demanded to see their tickets.

Benzino found this insulting, telling us the flight attendant only asked to see his tickets because he's a man of color sitting in First Class -- and that's why he erupted.

Benzino tells us, "They basically were talking to me very disrespectful and came at me inappropriate. That’s why I was upset about the situation. I am not the one to scream the race card unless I truly believe I am being treated not equal."

According to Benzino, an airline rep later apologized to him, telling him the airline was in the wrong, and then gave him and his wife two vouchers for $200. Calls to Southwest -- which merged with AirTran a few years ago -- weren't returned.



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Truth Spitter    

Kudos To Benzenio for standing up against racists..

146 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

The airline caved in because of his false accusations!

146 days ago

Just Steve    

Racists calling racists racists. The American dream

146 days ago

all about the money    

I call BS. Most likely they refunded or gave him the voucher because he was removed from the plane not because its a racist airline.

146 days ago


Beano is a LOSER...

146 days ago


Ignint. If youre wronged then deal with it properly, not screaming profanity and making yourself look dumb. Big dummy!

146 days ago


Fire the old, big gut white dude who asked for proof of his seat location. I fly all the time, and that crap happens all the time even when I'm wearing my Rolex, Ralph Lauren, and other expensive clothes. Fire the old white fossil working for the arline.

146 days ago

Poor Leno    

"*uck you mother *ucker" This has to be the most used word of black guys when they accuse others of being racists, and yes i know a lot of people will think i am a racist but i am not. I am just pointing out that this guy was rude he could have handled it different it does not help to shout the F word for minutes. I have worked in a service related job years a go and thank god that i came out of that alive, but in my experience was that colored men called you a racist when they did not get things when and how they wanted. They did not want to understand that rules actual apply to everyone no matter skin color, so it was easy to call you a racist for doing your job. I had a friend that had the same guys i had trouble with in his car, and they called him a racists so he turned his head and said "hell yes i am a racists" LOL He that to see their reaction and they did not say a damn word the whole taxi trip. I did not read the story but the moral is its always two sides of a story and if this black fellow only can use the F words to talk back they he need to take a good look upon himself. I would understood if he was a teenager, but when you are suppose to be a grown up there are other ways of expressing yourself.

145 days ago


How about acting more like an adult about the situation?

145 days ago

Calling BS    

The voucher is from SW Airlines.



145 days ago


AIRTRAN!!!!!!???? Are u serious!!!??? Delta, continental, American, maybe!!!! AirTran dog!!!!! It cost 20 dollars extra to upgrade.. That is not first class!!! Wow!! I thought dude had a 4 thousand dollar ticket on a real airline!! But hey that's what you get when you try to make petty negros feel like someone special for a extra 20 bucks!! Gtfoh

145 days ago

im not going to spend my life being a color    

Why does everything have to be about color? maybe someone was having a bad day of their job

145 days ago

im not going to spend my life being a color    

why does everything have to be about race?maybe the flight attendant was just having a bad day. Did anyone ever think of that? Its only racist because people choose to buy into it. If anything he deserves to be the one apologizing for cussing them out. Its not a big deal to be asked to see your ticket on an airplane.if it weren't for constant bull**** reminders like this racism would be gone or at least on its way out. Say what you will I know I'm right

145 days ago


This is absolutely ridiculous , I am a white female and I've been asked by flight attendants on several occasions to show my ticket and verify my seat . In both coach and first class, domestic and international flights... And I never cried racism or sexism just simply showed my ticket and moved on. Not everything is because of race!!!

145 days ago


typical black person to throw out race card, its done all the time to get FREE stuff

145 days ago
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