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Scout Willis

Frees Her Nipples (and more)

For Topless Protest

5/28/2014 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Nude

Scout Willis Topless

Scout Willis
walked around New York City completely topless ... not for fun or comfort, but to protest Instagram's policy when it comes to female nudity.

Using the popular hashtag #FreeTheNipple, Willis posted photos and a series of tweets on Tuesday to voice her outrage over Instagram's rules about female nudity. She captioned the photos "Legal in NYC but not on @instagram."

Scout also posted a photo of a barely covered (and rather buxom) woman from Dan Bilzerian's infamous Instagram and said ... "@instagram pictures of breast cancer survivors have been flagged+deleted but this is super #sick and #hot amiright???"



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self serving act for self promotion, it is not about a hashtag protest.

It is for her to receive attention and validation.

Imagine if teachers went to school topless, it just is not appropriate Scout to go out in public where children are and do this. It is called Indecent Exposure for a reason.
Just like if a guy hung his penis out of his pants.

There are nudist colonies you can go to if you need to tan the boobs. To do this is just a ploy for attention and get your name in the controversial headlines.

57 days ago


This would be sick if her own father looks at this.

57 days ago

Anexa Saphire Ohmart    

The way that this country views the human form in a taboo way is ridiculous. When I'm mowing the lawn or doing yard work I get just as hot as a male. People need to let go of their personal prejudices and let others Actually be FREE in a supposedly "free society". Their personal beliefs shouldn't play a part in deeming what is acceptable for others of opposing view points to do. And that goes for Everything.

57 days ago


Whenever there are women running around NYC topless. NYPD usually hauls them off to Bellvue. Why wasn't that done to her?

57 days ago


How old is she her boobs are saggy already?!

57 days ago


I think Poppa Bruce needs to pay some attention to his older girls who from the looks of it are heading for disaster. Sex, drugs and everything under the sun seems to be their motto. He needs to open his eyes ASAP. Shameful to have more babies when you have no interest in the older ones anymore. What a guy! Watch Emma he will soon grow bored with you and your little ones but you will be sitting on a big fat child support payment and alimony until you hook onto another old fool. Good luck. The Willis' need it..Such a proud father he must be. He wants to be a stay home dad LMAOOOOO!!!!

57 days ago


Im in love with the boobies, who isn't.? Lol

57 days ago


How about just not using Instagram know boycott it...the old fashion way ...don't support a$$holes....pretty simple ...

57 days ago


I'd be proud of them, as well.

But it's basically free publicity for Instagram.

Scout should be paid, minimum?

A few trillion dollars.

Now if only her parents would re-unite.

Love how Rumer and Scout have turned out.

Fiery, beautiful, honest.

57 days ago


Seriously, this bitch needs to get a life......

57 days ago


Save the hooters

57 days ago


Sorry there was fall-out between Bruce and Sly.

Love them both.

But fair-is-fair.

Bruce isn't just an action-adventure-God.

His performance in SIXTH SENSE?

Was and is beyond astonishing.

So believable/convincing it still gives me chills.

Rumer and Scout are on the right path.

To follow their famous/awesome parents.

57 days ago

She's baaaack    

Her breasts look a hell of a lot better than those silicone basketballs on the poser. I wouldn't mind owning those ones.

57 days ago


As great and as consistent as Bruce/Demi have been up until now?

I predict their best work is ahead of them.

I'm dead, by the way.

Ask anyone.

57 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

And yet in most stores, even convenience stores, it's No shirt, No shoes, No service. What about Skank, I mean Scout?

57 days ago
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