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Maya Angelou

Dispatcher Suspended

Over Oprah Trash Talk During 911 Call

5/30/2014 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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An emergency dispatcher who can be overheard in the Maya Angelou 911 call was suspended for criticizing Oprah Winfrey in the middle of the emergency.

John Ruckh -- a dispatcher in Winston-Salem North Carolina for 24 years -- is heard in the background ... making critical comments to someone about Oprah.

Ruckh -- who did not take the actual call -- is heard telling someone that Oprah has fallen out of grace because of an interview she did, where he claims she stated, "There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die."

Ruckh insists he used no racial slurs during the conversation, saying, "Unfortunately I work in a high-profile job and everything's recorded."

The audio is really hard to hear, but take a listen.


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Well he was just stating a fact. She did say it. She didn't mean it in the way he thought she did but that's exactly the words she used. She can say it but no one else can repeat it I guess.

109 days ago


Shhhhh . . . DON'T tell anybody: I HATE INSECTS!!!!

109 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

Maya was a fraud just like the rest of Oprah's pets. Deepak Chopra is a new age quack, Bradshaw was a new age charlatan plagiarist, and Dr.Phil has "iffy" credentials. Maya was PIMP who reinvented herself as a bad poet!

109 days ago


There should be no issue with the statement Oprah made... The point is, there are people who were born into a racist world, and no amount odd time or life experience will change their minds. She meant thatin time, they will die, LIKE THE REST OF US, and the situation will slowly improve. Age was NOT wishing death on anyone, people! My God. I'm white and not a fan of hers, but even i can figure that one out!

109 days ago

Kristyn M    


109 days ago

Tobias Merriweather    

This is/was a message for all of the folks who would, will or do respond to this here blurb. The person who was suspended was suspended because they lacked professionalism. Had zip to do with being PC correct, Obama, Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster. The role of a dispatch(er) is receive information and get information out. That's it , beginning, middle and end. The only reason "John" was whinging was because he didn't agree with the suspension. Perhaps in the future he'll refrain from gabbing about stufff while being on or near the desk. This is (IMO) a non-story.

108 days ago


Blacks are such cry babies. We all have a right to our own opinions, so if Blacks don't like it, go back to Africa where you don't have any rights unless you're a Warlord. I can't wait until Whites get tired of you Blacks and no longer put up with your crap. It will be a big war!!!

108 days ago


TMZ STOP PLAYING MORBID 911 AUDIO. It's too personal and private.

108 days ago


So who turned this guy in anyway?? U can barely hear what he is saying so idk how someone heard all that?

108 days ago


Ridicules what a waste of time

108 days ago


As a black man, I don't know what the issue is here.

108 days ago


You know this guys getting canned ,this lady got more power than CIA . He's lucky she doesn't make him disappear BOFL

108 days ago


Why blow this out of proportion? For that matter, why did the guy get sacked in the first place. Is it some general rule not to talk during calls? Because if it is, then I'd say sure, terminate his employment. But if all this is only because he said what he believes, then no matter how many people disagree with him, he didn't deserve what he got. I like Oprah, but she isn't Queen of America.

108 days ago



108 days ago


Why was he suspended Oprah did say that hope he is in a UNION so he can grieve the suspension.

108 days ago
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