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Seymore Butts

Missing Son of Porn Mogul

Spotted in Oregon

6/5/2014 7:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seymore Butts Son Missing
The son of legendary porn producer Seymore Butts was reported missing days ago -- but the family now has a strong lead on the teenager's location ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Butts (real name Adam Glasser) has confirmed his 17-year old son Brady Glasser got on a bus from L.A. to Portland, Oregon earlier this week ... and arrived there on Tuesday night.

Butts filed a missing person's report with the LAPD on Monday. We're told Butts and Brady's mother think the kid might have been feeling intense pressure stemming from his upcoming high school graduation. 

We're told Butts is on his way to Oregon right now ... and says "Anyone helping to keep his son from him will have to answer for their actions."

Our sources say the family believes Brady might have left town to visit a friend he met online ... since he's an avid online gamer. 

The family -- featured on the TV series "Family Business" --  is offering a $1,000 reward for information on Brady's exact wheareabouts.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Hundreds of young girls disappear every year without a trace and you decide to use up a shyte load of bandwidth because the son of some porn producer friend of Harvey is so embarrassed by what his old man does for a living he takes off.

84 days ago


Anything about porn or butts is now considered celebrity news as far as the pervert Harvey Levin is concerned. I swear , since he came out, this site gets weirder and weirder. Oh, and let's not forget crotch shots and penis pictures. I guess that's what Harvey considers being gay is. Like an old, flabby, dyed haired chickenhawk, he now hangs around young adults and acts like he's the same while constantly sucking on the straw of his sippy-cup. Wish this site would go back to real celebrity news instead of trying to make celebrities out of nobodies. Seriously thinking of hanging out with the Dish Nation crew. At least they're funny.
Oh, Go Kings Go!!

84 days ago


Run little dude, RUN! Get the hell away from that creepy family. You can't pick your relatives. But you can run away and leave them in the toilet, where they belong.

84 days ago


I must say - I have racked my brain all morning... I called friends and family...I searched a dusty rolodex - I checked by FaceBook friend list....AND their friends list... I searched every single VHS, DVD and pirated VCD in my vast porn collection...AND I HAVE NO FREAKIN IDEA WHO THIS GUY IS!

84 days ago


God I feel so sorry for this kid. Not only was his face plastered on flyers for the world to see who his father is, but now they plastered his face and a picture and name of his father on the front page of TMZ. He looks like a decent, well rounded kid too. I can only imagine why he ran away in the first place. If I were him, the moment I turned 18 I'd head out and make a name for my self on my own accord and try my hardest not to let my families past effect me in a negative way.

Who knows though. Maybe his home life is wonderful and I'm just reading too much into it. I just think the way other kids can be so cruel over the tiniest of differences, this can be traumatic for one.

84 days ago


2 - be a great dad and stop being a 'worker'

84 days ago


Oh good, Birdie Butts has been found.

84 days ago


The reward comes out to $100 an inch.

84 days ago


I think if my dads name was seymore butts, I would try to distance myself from my family too

84 days ago


Gee Adam, and how many 17 year old lives did you ruin with your porn business?

84 days ago

There's a problem here    

Is the person whose picture you have up there Seymour Butts? He looks like he's terminally ill. His father is a pornographer who looks like he's dying, probably of a myriad of STD's. I'd run too.

84 days ago


Oregon tushy?

84 days ago


I'm not a avid porn watching guy, but Seymore has had two made for cable TV show's that were pretty damn entertaining about all the crap that goes on behind the filming, and trying to have a normal life so I hope his son is found safe and sound, and all you bashing him cause you know nothing about him other than he produce's vid's should stfu, and go back to drooling over useless Kardashian whore stories, hell there worse people than he is , I'm just saying...

84 days ago


In 4 months he will be an adult.

84 days ago


only $1000 ?

84 days ago
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