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Casey Kasem

Daughters to Pull Life Support

6/11/2014 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Casey Kasem Life Support
Legendary DJ Casey Kasem will live out his final days this week surrounded by his children ... who have made the decision to withhold medication, food and fluids.

The judge in Casey's conservatorship case just reversed a ruling which required doctors to keep him alive with nourishment and meds.

The 82-year-old is currently in a Washington hospice facility.

Casey's kids tell TMZ ... their dad's health directive document states, "If the extension of my life would result in mere biological existence, devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning, then I do not desire any form of life-sustaining procedures, including nutrition and hydration."

Casey's wife Jean was in court and furious over the judge's decision, storming out and screaming that the kids will have Casey's blood on their hands.



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I know after caring for an elderly relative that if I can not feed myself, or live without constant meds than just let me go.. You are basically a shell and the body would begin the very natural process of shutting down if not for feeding tubes and IV's. If he has reached that state of Alzheimers than he has been 'gone' for awhile now.

42 days ago

Raven Storm    

His wife is psychotic bitch! Some one should pull the plug on her!

42 days ago


withholding meds and advanced life support is one thing, withholding food and water is murder. I'm starting to side with the crazy wife. It seems to me that the kids what dear ole dad dead. $$$

42 days ago


She's Koko for Coco Puffs! He had a directive, does she not understand it? Does she not understand his wishes?

42 days ago


She is a bit nuts. She has been controlling him for years and that is why the Judge stepped in and gave control to the children. If Casey living will states that, which is done in the proper phrasing, than that is what has to be done.
What is terrible is that his "wife" has denied his children to see him for years and now they don't have a father to talk to.

42 days ago


someone should pull the plug on this annoying bitch. we all have to go we all have an expiration date but why prolong the inevitable.

42 days ago


If that was he directed his wishes should be done. I was there.. we had to end the life of my son as parents and wife making the decision...There is no life being on life support.. Its a hard decision but the best for the patient and the family..I loved my son deeply but it tears a famuly apart seeing one so sick..May he rest in peace...

42 days ago


I feel badly for the daughter. The wife is a nut. Don't like her crazy butt at all.

42 days ago


If this is his wish it should be carried out. His wife is crazy. I think his children have his best interest at heart, not the crazy wife.

42 days ago


That is my wish for my kids - I DO NOT want to be kept simply "alive" - if it comes to the point to where I can not live life because of being bedridden and dependant upon artificial means of suppose I want my kids to pull the plug. I do not want to be resussitated, medicated or anything else. My mom is the same way and was my dad - yes it was hard to let my dad go, but he was bedridden, and artitificially being kept alive - who wants to exist like that? I sure as hell don't - If I can't LIVE my life I don't want to just "exist"....

42 days ago

boo boo    

People make advance directives because they want their end of life wishes for care to be honored and respected. His wife seems to have a difficult time with that.

42 days ago


Medical directives usually have that wording or similiar. It's hard to decision to make even when it is written like that. It happened to me with my Mom. However, she was still sound enough to say use my medical directive which lessened the burden but still a very painful decision. Perhaps this is their case too. I wish them all the best and not to fight over letting him go now. We all die plain and simple. Prayers to the family. I loved Casey. He was a big part of our family life on Sunday mornings. I got my parents into that action. He will truly be missed. God bless his journey.

42 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

We did not use extreme measures to keep either one of our parents alive, and I feel we did the right thing.
I REALLY wonder what's in Casey's will, because the level of drama around this is extreme from his family.

42 days ago


...not even one crocodile tear throughout her entire speech.

42 days ago


It is not cruel nor unusual for food water and medication to be with held on end of life issues. When a person is actively in the process of dying or end of life state, the body does not need food or water. There is no sensation of feeling hungry or one of being dehydrated. For most who are dying they are usually pretty much unresponsive and do not want or ask for any kind of food or water. It is not cruel in the least. it is life that is ending, all that we can do is to try to make sure they are pain free and as comfortable as possible. The organs start to shut down one by one and life slips away peacefully. So do not judge the children harshly for this as they are doing what is right for them and Casey Kasem

42 days ago
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