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Casey Kasem

Daughters to Pull Life Support

6/11/2014 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Casey Kasem Life Support
Legendary DJ Casey Kasem will live out his final days this week surrounded by his children ... who have made the decision to withhold medication, food and fluids.

The judge in Casey's conservatorship case just reversed a ruling which required doctors to keep him alive with nourishment and meds.

The 82-year-old is currently in a Washington hospice facility.

Casey's kids tell TMZ ... their dad's health directive document states, "If the extension of my life would result in mere biological existence, devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning, then I do not desire any form of life-sustaining procedures, including nutrition and hydration."

Casey's wife Jean was in court and furious over the judge's decision, storming out and screaming that the kids will have Casey's blood on their hands.



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The daughters have it right. They are trying to preserve the voice of their father, as he would have spoken if he could have. That is a very righteous thing to do. It is always the right thing. Whoever choses to change what the person has set forth as their will, is most definitely in the wrong and they are the ones who will have to deal with the guilt that goes along with it, if they have any conscious at all.

111 days ago


His wife needs to shut her stupid mouth. I dont think many people would wanna live on life support. What the hell kind of existence is that. Shes just being childish and selfish. Let his children who have known him their entire life and who ultimately is at a greater loss than his dumbass young wife make the roughest decision they can make. Jean needs to go pound sand. REST IN PEACE CASEY KASEM! I will always remember you from ghostbusters and as fred from scooby doo, i bet jean just wanted him to live so she could pilfer all of his money. Dumb bitch

111 days ago


Casey had a legal Advance Directive, which has set standards in every state. While difficult, it is far better than to have someone you love suffer and be kept alive when their is no chance for any quality if life.

Casey was a big part of my childhood and his wonderful voice will be a great memory. We can only hope his greedy wife departs quickly on her broom.

111 days ago


so the kids are not in the will,only the wicked step mother,so why would they want to pull the plug..maybe they love their dad

111 days ago


well the kids are not in the will,just the wicked step why would they want to pull the plug?

111 days ago


During my high school years, I listened to you.

Rest In Peace

111 days ago


It is not easy for anyone to decide if a person is to live or die, even if it is their wish. Only thing I can say is I'm been there twice and you never forget. RIP Casey.

111 days ago

Jackie Butler     

For all those happy that he gets to go this way, two words; Terry Schivo! She held on for two and a half weeks with no hydration, meds or nutrients. And in case you aren't hip to how that feels-imagine you are thirsting, post op, begging for that beautiful cup of ice chips just to make you feel a little bit better-but you don't get any, for two and a half weeks! Yes, I have seen death, but because I overheard the case worker try and talk Dad into signing a DNR I reminded him of the agony she went through and the odds that he was about to sign up for the same. He didn't sign. One day he couldn't taste, next day-it was morphine drops instead of pain pills, that night-we all made ammends for past discretions and in the middle of the night-the Angels took him Home. No suffering, no pain, no desires that went unfulfilled. We all have a right to decide how we will die but we make the decision with little knowledge of the suffering our last big decision can bring. To die in the way Casey will die-is worse than Nazi Germany at it's peak! Please, someone at least give him pain meds and ice chips or that q-tip looking thing with the lemon juice that stimulates the natural secretion of the mouth. How can anyone who takes the oath that includes " First-do no harm " agree with a JUDGE or an emotional Family member when they know that they will certainly be doing harm?! ?!

111 days ago


Sounds like his wife is hiding something. Is all his money gone or is something going on? She knows his wishes so she really shouldn't be so crazy about the judge okaying Kasem's final wish. Something's off, definitely.

111 days ago

Choose Laughter    

His quality of life is zero, let him go!

111 days ago


Very sad. But if that was his wish then Jean needs to follow that. I'm sure his Drs are not letting this happen out of neglect. The kids will NOT have blood on their hands. They will know they did their best and they did what there Dad wanted. Makes me wonder about his Will. Is Jean not in it? I know tacky.

111 days ago

two cents    

God Speed Casey. And thank you for the memories. Another part of my childhood is slipping away. So sad.

111 days ago


What a great man. I have so many good memories about him. If he wrote he didn't want to be kept on life support so be it. Don't blame the wife or the kids. Before all this advance directive came about, I had to make a hard choice years ago about removing my father from life support. He told me after his first heart attack, if he couldn't live a normal life to remove him from life support. The doctors said he would be a vegetable the rest of his life. He was only 59 when he died. I was 22 when Ihad to make the decision. Don't judge others unless u have gone through it. God bless the family and may he pass quickly and without pain.

111 days ago


Its really sad about Casey Kasem. Its apparent he will not get better. It was a difficult decision for his children to make, but did make the right decision. Casey had a wonderful career and an amazing voice. My deepest sympathy goes to Casey's family and I admire their Love and what is BEST for their father.

111 days ago


He should have had a living will, which would have stated his wishes, and what the living will stated would have been the final decision.

I went through the final stages of cancer with my mother (a brain tumor) and during the last couple of weeks she could not do anything for herself, which included eating or swallowing.

It is pure hell watching someone that you love so much slowly dying knowing that you can do nothing about it.


As much as I loved my mother, I was so relieved to see her suffering end.

111 days ago
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