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Casey Kasem

Daughters to Pull Life Support

6/11/2014 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Casey Kasem Life Support
Legendary DJ Casey Kasem will live out his final days this week surrounded by his children ... who have made the decision to withhold medication, food and fluids.

The judge in Casey's conservatorship case just reversed a ruling which required doctors to keep him alive with nourishment and meds.

The 82-year-old is currently in a Washington hospice facility.

Casey's kids tell TMZ ... their dad's health directive document states, "If the extension of my life would result in mere biological existence, devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning, then I do not desire any form of life-sustaining procedures, including nutrition and hydration."

Casey's wife Jean was in court and furious over the judge's decision, storming out and screaming that the kids will have Casey's blood on their hands.



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This is a decision our family had to make recently. It is never easy. The words are stated on the DNR which Casey, at an earlier date, signed. His family MUST then legally abide by his wishes. When faced with this myself, I thought it sounded awful, cruel and unusual treatment of someone I loved. I thought it was causing my mom a horrible, painful death when in fact, it causes no pain. Do the research. And, now, if you don't have one, please have a DNR so your family never has to have this kind of conflict over an end of life issue. Losing a loved one is hard enough. Peace to you all.

136 days ago


Just let the die in peace! Why does the family and his wife have to make a big circus out of this?

136 days ago


kids are not in the will..just the wicked step mother who had kasey change his will,so why would the daighters want to pull the plug???

136 days ago


I'm so glad the judge is fulfilling Casey's own wishes, for everyone should have the right to end their own life at their choosing. No one asked to be born, and no one asks to be in a severely dibilitated state. Anyone should have the right to order their own plug pulled. Get your feet off the ground, earned it..go be with the stars.

136 days ago


Finally!! The daughters love for they're dad wins. Hospice will allow him to die with dignity with pain meds to make him comfortable. God bless you girls

136 days ago


She's right in the matter, she and kasey have been together for 34 years. He chose to separate himself from his children. Crazy a judge would go against his wishes!

136 days ago

Wilma Flintstone    

I remember listening to his show every growing up. So sad to see him this way. So sad that the family is not pulling together to do what ever his wishes were and helping to the end of his life lovingly.

136 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Jean, you husband is dying. His kids are closest family you can get. Usually when they are this close to dying, they do not want you to feed them. Not by mouth, any way, because they have trouble swallowing food. You can get chocked on a teaspoon of water, so just think how are for a dying person to know to few good and then swallow after. This goes for water too. When someone is drying the cam be ok, then go down hill. Just because it started happening when his daughter took him, doesn't mean she did something to up his death date. No matter who it is taking care of you, when the Good Lord calls you home, you go where ever you may be at.

When some people stop eating that has a short time to live. Some people think that you should force then to eat. The terminally ill person isn't dying because they don't eat, they don't eat because they are dying.

My mother was dying, and my Dad said for me to fed her, because she stop eating there at the last, and I had to tell her to swallow. She didn't choke because she didn't eat that much. My Dad was one of the people I talk about above.

136 days ago


The man made his own decision. Someone needs to see it's carried out. It doesn't make that person the villian. It's not a matter of if you don't like it or don't agree with it. The health directive do***ent should have been presented long ago.

136 days ago

April Burns    

I agree that this is crazy, I was team his kids until I find out that they just wanted him so that he could die. This makes me wonder if they are just interested in the money and things that they will get. This is a cold world!!!

136 days ago


That was the father's decision, he didn't want to be on life support, get real people.

136 days ago


I AGREE! The CALIFORNIA SYSTEM IS BROKEN! 34 years should stand for something.

136 days ago


Pretty standard terminology in a Living Will.. If he has one the court should go by it. He could have always changed his mind and changed it but chose not to

136 days ago

Kathie Bauer    

I recently had to make the same decision for my dad...the words in his legal living will were the same and, as much as it hurt, my sisters and I abided by his wishes. Good for the Casem go against their father's wishes would have just postponed the inevitable and made him suffer longer. Shame on Jean for wanting to go against what he specified.

136 days ago

Friend of Heathers    

It is standard practice to have these exact words in one's advanced health directive as who among us would want to be not able to think clearly, eat, feed ourselves, go to the bathroom, talk, etc. and just be kept alive by machines? The kids are probably not getting any of his $ which is why the stepmom wanted to keep them away from their father in case he became clear minded and realized that the kids should get something. I'm on the kids side of this one, ask anyone who works in the medical profession and they will say it's appropriate to take him off life support.

136 days ago
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