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Kim K. vs. J.Lo

Let's Debate the Front

for a Change ... Shall We?

6/17/2014 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0617-kim-kardashian-jlo-splash-gettyWith their equally legendary backsides already enshrined in the Hall of Fame, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez each wore outfits on Monday that showed off their commonly overshadowed cleavage. 

First we have Kim (left) in New York City after having dinner with her sister Kourtney, and then J.Lo (right) appearing on 'The Tonight Show.' 

The question is ...  


No Avatar

woolly -Bear    

Their both F#CKING FAT USELESS Talentless DOUCHE BAG... Of the two though Kim's just a piss Bucket depository with a silicone butt.

105 days ago


UM JLO actually looks NORMAL , not like Kim who looks all plastic and fake... No ass is THAT big...

105 days ago


Kims ass looks like she has a pooped diaper on that hasn't been changed in YEARS...

105 days ago


I think Kim's look better, even if she's had surgery, hers are still sitting higher

105 days ago


first things first let's get this straight you people are pathetic you sit there and vote so much of your time commenting on people that are in Hollywood and don't give two s**** about what the hell ya doin its funny you guys are that it to me first of all Jennifer Lopez if not all of that of a great singer ok she can't act all that well okay yeah the girls good she's not that good Kim Kardashian you think she's just famous for some sex tape that she did in the privacy of her own out with her then boyfriend and his dumb ass licked it to the public just so he can get paid and she handled that s*** like a true but she didn't let it bother her s*** let it stop her from achieving her goals that's not all she's famous for or did you forget she's a model or did you forget that she has a perfume line or did you forget her and her sisters have a successful clothing line or the fact that they have the number one rated reality show on TV you gotta put that ich dir grip get a life and leave that one alone because I don't see none of y'all fools achieving any of your goals. Why you ain't on t.v

105 days ago


Lol TMZ you guys show a hideous picture of Jlo on purpose hahaha did Kris pay extra for that? Pathetic

105 days ago


First off kind boobs are fake and too big jlos is real and perfect size it's porportionate to her body . And she's way better looking and wayyyyy better body .

105 days ago


I'd vote for a gorilla's udders before I'd ever vote for that K. tramp.

105 days ago


I'd like to take both for a test drive

105 days ago

August Baby 77    

What's it matter they're both bought and paid for so neither....real boobs are much prettier

105 days ago


I understand the Kardashian hate but saying Jennifer Lopez has better boobs? Come on people...

105 days ago


Anybody in the entire world > Kim

105 days ago

Ozzie X    

I'd take JLO over a lard a$$.

105 days ago

The Truth    

JLO still looks amazing at her age. Kim doesn't have the will or drive to work that hard she will look like caca when she is JLOs age.

105 days ago


At least JLo has talent! She can't sing but is a fantastic dancer and choreography instructor, also has some talent in romantic comedies. Kim, well, Kim gets peed on.

105 days ago
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