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Donald Sterling

Doctor Says ...

I Didn't Lie to Him!

6/20/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Donald Sterling
knew full well he was being tested for Alzheimer's when a doctor examined him last month ... but it's unclear if Donald knew his control over the L.A. Clippers was on the line.

TMZ Sports has obtained a letter written by the examining doctor to Shelly Sterling's lawyer, Pierce O'Donnell.  According to the letter, the doc met Donald at his house on May 22.  Shelly was also present.

After the exam the doctor concluded Donald's mind was impaired by the disease, to the point he was "at risk of making potentially serious errors of judgment, impulse control, and recall in the management of his finances and his trust." 

Here's what's murky.  It's unclear if Donald knew he was being examined for the purpose of determining if he should be stripped of control over the team.  The doctor explains Sterling had previously been examined by a doctor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who concluded he had Alzheimer's, and the doctor was there for a second opinion.

The doctor writes, "I asked him if he knew why I was there, and he said, 'I think so.'" 

Donald went nuts on the doctor's answering machine, accusing him of sandbagging him.

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No Avatar

BLUE UGLY đź’©    


33 days ago


Shame on the Dr..

33 days ago


Someone didn't read his ethics manual

33 days ago


Well, if Donald knew and forgot I'd say the docs got it right.

33 days ago


Of course a man of 80 who.is as smart as this man would know not to say the things he said to THAT particular womam (someone who.cheats with a married man a thousand times her age). Look up dementia and altzeimers..it starts in the 70s yr old.range :(

33 days ago


What a shame that his need to have a gold digging tranny looking whore on his arm and his apparent need for on-demand blow jobs ruined what was left of his life.

33 days ago


Now this has just gotten sad. Leave him alone with his last shreds of dignity.

33 days ago


Get em Don!!! That's a shame, don't sell shyt, and sue everybody!!!

33 days ago


LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE!!! What kind of country do we live in when you can be constantly taped without your permission or knowledge and get your life ruined??? This is America still......right? Just leave the man alone already. Enough is enough.

33 days ago


What kind of professional doctor pulls a man out of a business meeting with 6 attorneys to give him a mental examination? Sterling was preoccupied with his business meeting throughout the testing. The doctor's test results are exactly what Shelley is paying him to write !!

My mother had alzheimer's. She had an MRI and took tests from psych's and neurologists. All her doctors told her the same thing.........Alzheimer's/Dementia does NOT show up on brain scans of any type. Alzheimers can only be diagnosed after death by brain autopsy. There are NOT any tests that can be given to a person with dementia because everyones symptoms are different. We have labeled it Alzheimers/Dementia but from the 1990's back, it was called "old age".

Sterling is expected to act & think like he's 40 years old. The guy is 81 years old, so give him a break.

33 days ago


Donald oh Donald where art thou, I don't know I don't remember wait yes I do ah no I forgot who is that visor b!tch anyway.

33 days ago


Bull!!! This dude will payoff any and everyone, who will help him come off looking like the victim! Churches and all...smh

33 days ago


Read about it in the NY Times article. Even back in May, Shelly and her lawyers already had prepared a "plan B", to have him deemed mentally incapacitated if he wouldn't sell the team. These doctors were just a pawn in the scheme. They actually declared him incompetent in a matter of about a week.

33 days ago

Na.na.na.na Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

This is nothing but a bunch of money hungry...money grubbing liars. Every one of them.

33 days ago


Shelly is really getting on my nerves she needs to leave this old man alone.

33 days ago
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