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Justin Bieber

Egging Case


6/26/2014 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber EggingJustin Bieber's lucky the L.A. County D.A. has the egging case ... because just about any other prosecutor's office would have already nailed his ass to the wall. 

If your memory serves you ... the incident occurred more than six months ago. Justin allegedly hurled eggs at his neighbor's house, causing more than $20K in damages. Days later the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. got a search warrant and raided Justin's house and found a surveillance video placing Justin at the scene of the crime.

On top of that ... TMZ has a video DURING the egging, where you clearly hear Justin taunting the neighbor in the middle of the attack, promising more eggs. And the neighbor and his daughter say they confronted Bieber face-to-face during the attack.

The case was reviewed for several months in the D.A.'s satellite office in the San Fernando Valley.  We know the prosecutor handling the review sent the file downtown so the big wigs could make the final decision. That prosecutor told the victim he recommended that his bosses file the case as a FELONY.

But we've learned the case is sitting downtown.  Our sources say the D.A. herself -- Jackie Lacey -- is not the holdup.  Instead, some of her underlings are unable to make a decision.  We're told they can't decide whether to file the case as misdemeanor or felony vandalism.  The difference between the 2 is the amount of damage. Under the law, if the damage exceeds $400, it's a felony ... so it's pretty clear the case is in felony territory.

We're told the D.A. is worried if they file it as a misdemeanor it might appear they're going soft on Bieber because he's a celeb.  But if they file a felony it might look like they're trying to nail him for a "stupid egging" just because he's a celeb.

The D.A.'s office has been radio silent on the reason for the holdup.  In fact, we know someone from the D.A.'s office put the word out several weeks ago that the decision was coming down the next day, but now we're told that call was a ruse to plug a leak.

In fairness to the D.A. ... the Warren Commission took almost a year to decide who killed Kennedy.


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August Baby 77    

And if it was your average Joe that no one knows their a$$es would have already been nailed for a felony...WTF

121 days ago


I'd like to see that little turd get nailed but felony egging? Just make him pay for the damage and forget it.

121 days ago

boo boo    

Here's an idea: forget that he's a celebrity and take the evidence at face value. There's an estimate for repairs in excess of $400, two eyewitnesses and video surveillance.

121 days ago

dianne l lindsey    

First of all the neighbor "egged" him on and should absorb some of the blame

Second, I cant stand the little pr*ck, but $20K...really? What kind of eggs were they? Grenades?

121 days ago


Another example of why our justice system is broken & a joke because there's a system for the "haves" and another system for the "have nots" -- shameful and pathetic.

121 days ago


Grow a pair of balls DA Jackie Lacey. Are you the boss? Do you make the decisions? You're waiting for your "underlings" to make a decision, aren't you a lawyer? Can't you try the case yourself if need be? Ho-y sh-t. Put this thing to bed already.

121 days ago


So why is this F&CK HEAD F&G not in jail!!!

121 days ago


Here, let me go egg my neighbors house in LA doing $20k in damage and we'll see if it takes 6 months for them to decide whether or not to prosecute me. I'm not a celebrity and don't have millions to buy off politicians and officers. How many hours after I commit the crime before I get arrested?

Miami would have locked his ass up, they're the only city that seemed to really want to go after his ass. LA is a joke

121 days ago


It is definitely a felony and yes it will look soft, like Lohan.

121 days ago


Lock his ass up and throw away the key!!! Haha jk no I'm not.

121 days ago


It's all redundant, because he's going to plea it down to a misdermeanor and get a spray bottle to the face like a cat and a firm pointing to regardless of what he's charged with.

121 days ago



121 days ago


Are you for freaking REAL...if he gets off, I hope EVERYONE uses his *reason* for getting off as this will set a precedent...actually, the city is waiting for the little beetch to either blow the man in charge or make the payment

121 days ago


It's not the fact that it was eggs. It's the act of attacking his neighbor's house. The eggs were raw and splashed a substance that caused costly damage to the exterior of the house. Had they been hard boiled, perhaps the damage wouldn't have been as costly, but the act of hurling objects at the neighbor's house would still be pretty bad. If they are treating him with "kid gloves" because he's a celebrity, maybe they should realize that some celebrities are nothing but trouble. This one needs to feel LA is a hostile environment that he should avoid. Let him hip hop his sorry ass back to Atlanta!

121 days ago


It's sad to say.. But Justin has came over and owned the United States

121 days ago
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