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Gwyneth Paltrow Kisser

Gets Dumped by Wife ...

Kirsty Hume Files for Divorce

7/2/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scottish supermodel Kirsty Hume is kissing her marriage goodbye months after her husband was famously photographed planting one on Gwyneth Paltrow.

Hume just filed for divorce from actor Donovan Jerome Leitch after more than 13 years of marriage -- and wants joint physical and legal custody of their 10-year-old daughter ... according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Hume says they've been separated for the last 3 years -- backing up Leitch's story that they were already split when he kissed Gwyneth at a Dodgers game last September.

Paltrow -- who dated Leitch back in the '90s --- was still consciously coupled with Chris Martin at the time.

Hume is NOT asking for spousal support from Leitch ... so this one appears to at least be a civil uncoupling.



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So couple separated for 3 years call it quits and he kissed GP when he was separated. Film at 11.

113 days ago


WOW! Talk about trading down; Dumavan is an idiot, eh? Wife is a lovely girl; Goops is toxic!

113 days ago

Ranting Irish    

So thats what that ****ing **** paltrow was wanting to cover up. All she cares about is money and having an extremely high opinion of herself, she lives in a fairy tail.almost killing her children last year on a motirxycle and tmz basically pats her bum and says oh well. Grow some balls TMZ and roast that bitch. I hope she dies a slow slow death

112 days ago


OUT. OF 12 comments 10 are those ANNOYING work from home, lame!

112 days ago


Gwyneth Paltrow is a disgusting hypocrite. She can't act. So WTF is she? Blythe Danner's daughter!

112 days ago


What a shame what she did to her life. Self destruction is alive and well in the USA. (wonder if her dad was alive she would have behaved this way).

112 days ago


TMZ can you please clean up the comment spam on your site . I'm reading the posts & every other one is about a great-aunt earning $10/hr from home. It's annoying

112 days ago


Paltrow looks like she always has stale breath. She lives off of juices and "cleanses" and then has to get enemas because her poop is so hard from not eating any actual food.

112 days ago


OMG, when that kissing photo came out I didn't even know it was the Donovan Leitch. Donovan and Kirsty were the most beautiful couple ever in the 90s. They could put Tom and Gisele to shame. Sad. I remember that wedding so well. Very low key but beautiful.

112 days ago

Teresa andrews    

He certainly likes them pale and washed out.

112 days ago


It's pretty common knowledge by now that Chris Martin divorced her because she wanted an "open marriage", he didn't but she decided to have on anyway with or without his blessing. In other words, she cheated on him, all the time. She's nothing but a self absorbed broad who thinks her crap doesn't stink. She wants to preach to her readers about how to live your life (marriage, babies... food) when she's the last person you should take any advice from. She was investigated by Child Services because she was basically starving her kids with whatever fad diet she was forcing on them. She cheated on her husband LOTS, and one reading of her blog makes it clear that she's totally out of touch with 'us mere mortals'. She complains that her life is SO HARD and stressful being a wife and mother but she has four nannies for two kids and she's getting divorced. "When I'm stressed, I enjoy some pampering at this $50k a day spa. It's so great. You should try it." Right... okay. Such a hard life.

112 days ago


Paltrow is a whinny bitch.

112 days ago


Paltrow is officially a home wrecker. Skank!

112 days ago


Chris Martin leave ur Gwyneth alone she's gonna hurt u and :( #rungwynethouttahollywoodproject

112 days ago


Gwyneth is a self centered a-hole. She has cheated in every relationship she has been in. Chris Martin is better off w/o her and seems to be happier. At least he was the most talented of the two. Hey Gwyneth...Edward Furlong is available.

112 days ago

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