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Justin Bieber

Pleads to Photogs After Bodyguards Get Rough ...

'Look What Happens in My Life'

7/7/2014 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's bodyguards got physical with paparazzi trying to shoot his arrival at a yacht party in Miami -- prompting Justin to get a little whiny ... pleading about how difficult his life has become.

Watch the vid ... Justin was about to kick off his booze-filled 4th of July bash when one of his bodyguards -- who's already been arrested in Miami -- threw a hard forearm into the chest of a pap running up to the scene.

To his credit, Justin tried to calm the situation from the backseat of his SUV limo -- asking the paps to just back up 10 feet, but when they didn't he went into woe-is-me mode.

You gotta see Justin beg a female photog, "This is so ridiculous. Look what happens in my life."

And then he got on the yacht and partied without a worry in the world.


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The the yacht sink? wishful thinking.

86 days ago


How come the Papparazzis never hit back? I'd love to see his bodyguards chew lead after they lay a finger on me.

86 days ago


His life is "soooo haaaard" ( valley girl voice). Listen, he's a dork but is living the life. History dictates an epic fall.....David Cassidy, Leif Garrett, boy bands have all felt the wrath of being number 1 and then, becoming an huge joke. We know the history, this kid WAS talented. He gave up his talent with the quest to be "Down", cool. Everyone that just walked on that yacht with him will be the same ones who are dogging his ass 2 years from now. He had better have a stellar accountant because it's tine for the downfall. His dork ass fans are going to High School this September.

86 days ago

paul a.    

He might be whiny, but he is also right!

86 days ago


Nothing wrong with asking paparazzi to give him some spaces. The only people to continue their hate on successful multi millionaire are little white boys. Go outside and follow your dream rather than visiting TMZ 24/7. I know I'm gonna get bunch thumbs down but just remember you're not gonna be rich and successful if you don't work hard. And bedside, justin is the most famous teenager so clearly all paparazzi would try to get him on bad mood so y'all chill. Don't be a ***** and move on.

86 days ago


Shut up Justin!

86 days ago


Beebee, yu caused what happens in ur life.Man up, put on ur shirt, pull up drawers and stop whining.

86 days ago


Funny he wanted the girl and not a guy, scared much? What a whiny little bitch, there wasn't even that many of them and they were giving him his space....

86 days ago


SO WHAT DID JUSTIN DID THAT WAS WRONG? I saw nothing; why this constant need to belittle him?

86 days ago


People! WATCH THE VIDEO! TMZ posted what you WANTED to hear in the story knowing most of you had your minds made up about him and wouldn't watch the video. The photog makes the "life is hard" comment. Justin said "no it's not that is is hard." Guy just wanted a way to get through the dang gate! No story here, t TMZ just wanted the views and will write what the people want to hear. And the ignorant gossip chasers will believe what they are told in lieu of watching the video that proves the OPPOSITE of the story! I don't even like Bieber very much, but he doesn't deserve being lied on. He is human too.

86 days ago


Peolpe should stop bothering justin hes a pretty great guy if you ask me always judges all his life leep it 2 your selfs i love u justin

86 days ago


Justin, don't you dare pull that chit you little snot-rag. Are you so stupid that you don't know about pissing in bucket will attract papparazzi? You created this monster with your bad behaviour. If you would behave civilized, then the papparazzi would respect you and your boundaries.

86 days ago


Oh please Bieber is fooling no one. He is so thirsty for the attention if he wasn't he would move back to Canada.

86 days ago

Stewart McGrath    

If the photog's weren't like a swarm of angry bees whenever they encounter a celebrity, then they wouldn't have such a negative image. Since they are mainly independent photographers, there is little self control. So what do you do if your a celebrity, you hire body guards to control them. It's not perfect a perfect system, but it's the only system.

86 days ago



86 days ago
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