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Conor Oberst

Drops Lawsuit Against 'Rape' Liar

7/21/2014 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Bright Eyes singer Conor Oberst is letting the chick who falsely accused him of rape walk away clean -- he's decided to drop his $1.2 million lawsuit.

According to court docs filed Friday ... Conor dismissed the suit against Joanie Faircloth 4 days after she finally admitted she made up the whole story.

Incredibly gracious move on Conor's part ... considering he said the bad publicity created by Faircloth's lie cost him $200K from his publishing company. Not to mention she probably doesn't have the million bucks.

Conor's dismissal was filed without prejudice  -- which means he could refile if more lies start flying out of Faircloth's lying liar face.


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Lies, he's guilty.

97 days ago


There should never have been a $1.2 million dollar lawsuit...there should be a criminal trial with JAIL TIME!

97 days ago

Gru V    

He should continue with that especially since it cost him money. That is no joke and should be prosecuted in some way IMHO. It just makes harder for real victims of rape.

97 days ago


Simmer down, kids. She said he lied, and quite frankly he is so awkward, shy, and quiet I bet he's never even seen a vagina. Get to moving on to bash the next person.

97 days ago


She should be brought up on charges. Not only did she damage a man's reputation it's women like her who make it so hard on the real victims. Someone really needs to bitch slap her.

97 days ago


Sounds like a really nice guy to do that to someone who wanted his life up side down...good for him!!!

97 days ago


Bad move - it'll encourage copycats.

97 days ago

You Don't Know    

I wish he would have stuck with the lawsuit or filed a charge of some kind against her. SHE is the reason a lot of REAL victims don't come forward, because they think nobody will believe them.... On another note, it wouldn't be a story written by TMZ, if it wasn't written in a ridiculous way, right? "if more lies start flying out of Faircloth's lying liar face." That sounds like a preschooler or Raquel telling on someone. Come on guys, you can at least try to write better than that.

97 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

I wish he did not drop this lawsuit. That evil b¡tch deserves to owe him every last penny she ever earns. Being ordered to pay him might have helped prevent another lying douchebag from falsely accusing someone of sexually abusing them. The people who make up claims of sexual abuse are just as bad as the ones who commit it.

97 days ago


Evil biitch. She should pay up. Maybe she will get the money if she... works at home with google

97 days ago


Wow, he just did a huge disservice to everyone. People who lie about rape need to be punished!!

97 days ago


What?? I would have sued that bitch so hard she would be selling her body to eat a meal.

97 days ago


Has anyone thought this girl was possibly paid off very well to say she lied.He then presses charges with no intention of going through with them.Just a thought cause after 4days he drops it.Makes no sense

97 days ago


She falsely cried rape. Someone grab the tar and feathers

96 days ago

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