Conor Oberst Rape Lie Killed My $200K Record Deal

7/8/2014 12:20 AM PDT

Conor Oberst -- Rape Lie Killed My $200K Record Deal


It was Conor's publishing company ... NOT his record label that pulled a $200,000 payment connected to his latest album. His label, Nonesuch Records is still on board, but he's clearly pissed about losing the $200K.

Bright Eyes
singer Conor Oberst got canned by his record label when an obsessed fan lied about him raping her -- and now that he wants her to pay up ... she's gone radio silent, according to the emo rocker. 

TMZ broke the story ... Oberst sued Joanie Faircloth for $1.2 million back in February ... claiming she defamed him when she accused him of forcibly taking her virginity after a North Carolina concert in 2003.

Now Oberst says the false accusation tanked his record sales and led to his label 86'ing him ... according to new docs filed in the case, and obtained by TMZ. Oberst adds his canceled contract was worth at least $200K.

Oberst says Faircloth has never shown up for court hearings in the case ... so now he wants a judge to declare him the winner, and award him the $1.2 mil.