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John Stamos

The Beach Boys NEVER Play

Their Charles Manson Song

7/22/2014 2:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


If you're a fan of The Beach Boys song "Never Learn Not to Love," don't plan on ever hearing it live ... because John Stamos says the band never performs it ... because Charles Manson wrote it.

BACKSTORY:  Dennis Wilson befriended Manson before he became famous for all the wrong reasons. Manson had written this song, which Wilson re-worked into "Never Learn Not to Love," which made it onto their early 1969 album "20/20."

Manson became manic after the release, bugging The Beach Boys to work with him again but he was so weird their producer Terry Melcher shunned him.  Manson became enraged and the story goes ... the real target the night of the Tate murders was Melcher.

Melcher -- the son of Doris Day -- had rented the Tate house with then girlfriend Candice Bergen but moved weeks before the murders.  

Monday night in New York, our photog asked Stamos -- who regularly plays with the band -- about the Manson track. It's clear from Stamos' answer ... it's a wild part of the band's history.


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Interesting factoid.

63 days ago


He sooooo cute. John.... not Charles.

63 days ago


Dennis was such a babe. Lol.

63 days ago


So if they would have worked with him the Tate and LaBianca murders would not have happened ? Well as they say it's only rock and roll...

63 days ago


Dennis was my crush until I found out what he was really like...what a let down. That being said, that song sucks.

63 days ago

my 2 cents    

a few years , when I was in LA, I took a drive up in the hills where the Tate murders took place. It was horrible to think that those bastards drove up those same roads intending to commit murder. God bless the victims and their families.

63 days ago


Sooooo we could have been spared Murphy Brown if she had not moved. : =

63 days ago


Uh, that's uncle Jesse, learn how to spell tmz

63 days ago


john stamos rules!

63 days ago

Are you sure?    

It's painful to hear him singing so off key!!

63 days ago


BACK-BACKSTORY: Manson hung out with the Beach Boys, Neil Young, CSN, and many more in Laurel Canyon in 1960...'s. It is not just a little coincidence that Manson and his satanic girls were hanging with the drugged out hippy music scene. Notice the hypnotist wheel in this live performance? The UCLA branch of the CIA MKULTRA mind control experiments was running the Laurel Canyon operation. The target was in fact, Sharon Tate, not Terry Melcher. But the larger target was the American public. This event was manufactured by the CIA along with all of the pop music with terrible messages of drugs, doubt, despair and debauchery. The CIA manufactured and dispersed LSD (which heavily influenced the Laurel Canyon music scene) in Laurel Canyon and Haight Ashbury simply to watch the effects. This post here on TMZ is meant to promote the upcoming "Scary Manson" shows on television. You see, they have to bring this character out every few years to keep the public hypnotized. Charles Manson was not at the house where the crimes were committed and never killed anyone in relation to these crimes. The man who did all the killing was named Charles Watson, but 99% of you reading this have never heard of him. Why do you suppose the media would obsess about a goofy little guy who wrote ****ty songs for 45 years and never utter a peep about the guy who actually did the stabbing? Why no movies or TV shows about Charles Watson? If Manson is really such a wild and violent criminal, why do you always see him roaming hallways and rooms with reporters with no restraints at all? No glass dividers or bars? Just him and the reporter hanging out in a room together? Why did the so called Manson girls do the same weird hand symbols over their eyes that you see every single pop tart do in every single music video today? There is way more to the Manson/music connection than they will ever tell you. I have little doubt that Manson will suddenly "die of old age" just as these TV shows are released to heighten publicity for them.

63 days ago


John Stamos is hot!

62 days ago


I directed a do***entary on the subject matter. Watch here for free:

62 days ago

Tj's Mommy    

He so sexy...

62 days ago


I want a John Stamos creampie.

62 days ago
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