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President Obama


I'm Golfing with ESPN Hosts

7/27/2014 8:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Happy time, people ... at least it was for "Pardon the Interruption" hosts Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser yesterday when they snuck in a full round of golf with PRESIDENT OBAMA!

The gang all met up at the Congressional Country Club in Bethseda, Maryland yesterday ... along with a White House aide (who completed the 4-some) ... and played the 90-year old course.

It's not the first time the Prez hooked up with the PTI gang for some golf -- last year, they played at the course at the Fort Belvoir military base in Virginia.

So far, no word on who won.

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Reality Checked    

Sure. Why not? It's not like there's anything else really important going on in the world that the president of the United States should be more concerned with than incessant fund-raising and endless golf outings. What a joke and sad commentary on our times and Barack Obama.

85 days ago


Thanks again democrats and libertarians!

85 days ago


Who cares

85 days ago

Dempublicans Suck    

Ya, the president should sit in his office all day and play chess with Congressmen!! WTF people, hate the guy for other things, but not because the man relieves his stress by playing a round of golf. Hell "president" Cheney relieved his stress by shooting his friends, so it could be worse.

85 days ago


His golf club is his fiddle, while Rome burns.

He's about to take Another 2 week vacation.
Yet Israel and Hamas are out of control.

China is about to take us over as the biggest economy which has never happened in our history.

Illegal's that are 90% 14 to 17 years of age are strutting across our border, bringing in disease, MS-13 gang members that admit to murdering people and being treated Better than our own children and citizens while breaking the budgets of border towns and cities for the cost overruns.

Our Vets are still hungry, sick, homeless and he's done nothing to fix the situation.

Obamacare, which he forced through is falling further apart causing havoc with our healthcare system.

His justice dept. continues to play his politics and not enforce the laws on the books in so many areas while filing suits against states rights and refusing to answer subpenas for the IRS investigation and many others.

The middle class is shrinking in unprecedented fashion.

Gas cost has Doubled while he's been in office still blocking our natural resources to reduce all energy costs.

The far too low job creation has produced 50% more Part Time jobs than full time jobs, .while borrowing more money, (nearly 8 Trillion now) than all other Presidents combined weakening our dollar like never before.... and on and on and on.

Yet he continues to golf, continues his fundraising on our tax money, barring the press from Apollo celebrations and other functions like no other President ever all while taking selfies and cutting in hours long lines in front of other citizens.

Being the President is not being a Celebrity. It's being a leader who's job is to protect and strengthen it's home and it's people.
Somethings he still has no interest or concept about.
This is not a partisan thing, this is a common sense thing and anyone who thinks instead of feels knows this.
Even his own party and supporters are making this more known.

Do the job you're paid and entrusted to do.
You have a whole life left for us to pay you, protect you, give you full coverage health care at our cost all while you can be on permanent vacation.
Honor all the people of this country, instead of yourself.

85 days ago


The country is falling apart and our president is playing golf. Just lovely.

85 days ago


Same ol for the "punk" Prez.

85 days ago


Did he play in his mom jeans,being so cool as he is and all.
What a F@cken embarrassment.The fraud has effectively sidelined himself and plans to vacation and play golf for the rest of his term.It all just got too hard for him.

85 days ago

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